Saturday, November 11, 2017

Simply Saturday V.32

Good morning y'all! This morning I'm traveling to Phoenix and then to California as an early Thanksgiving trip. My flight was early this morning, so by the time your reading this, I'm probably already there!  Like I said before on Thursday's blog post, I'm traveling to Phoenix for my nephew's baptism. I am so incredibly excited to see my family and finally to have a little break from school. I definitely have been a bit burnt out since we didn't get a fall break from Hurricane Irma, so I'm excited to do some relaxing before we get into finals.

ONE // J.Crew Casting
    At work, we have been super busy with putting out all of the new arrivals (which I'm OBSESSED with). Along with the new items,  J.Crew announced the social media casting campaign! I think it's such a fun idea and it's one of the things I love working for the company. If you're interested, use the hashtag #CastMeJcrew and #contest.

TWO // Relentless by Forbes
    I came upon this video on Youtube and loved the concept. I am always super curious about what big entrepreneurs and business owners do on their schedule to help with productivity. I ended up binge-watching all of the videos and felt totally inspired. Click here to watch the playlist!

THREE // Happy Stripes 
    I have been on the hunt for more sweaters to get for the chillier days in Charleston. Gap's newest campaign features this colorful and cheerful happy stripe collection and I am obsessed! It definitely reminds me of my Emily Ley planner, but they offer it in scarves, sweaters, and so much more!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

What I've Been Up To

Sophia here! I am so sad to have been away from blogging, and truthfully miss typing and talking to y'all! I have been so caught up with school, work, and extracurriculars that blogging has been something I wanted to jump back into. College life has been pretty good so far, but definitely something I have been having some trouble adjusting to, which is normal. 

Classes and my school life, in general, has been very different the high school but has been a learning experience. I'm currently taking 18 credit hours towards both my major and general education classes. I've been really pushing myself to do my best in my classes which causes me to spend a lot of time on my work and perfecting things. I'm a pretty slow learner and I'm the type of person who has to start early on anything from essays to tests. So I usually spend my time by starting early on assignments and organizing my time with what I can get ahead with.

As for personal life, it's definitely been a learning experience. I think college is definitely much harder to make friends and it's something that I'm quickly adapting to. I'm apart of a couple of groups on campus, and I'm honestly just joining a lot to find my group of people! I have found a group of friends that I enjoy and it's something that I'm feeling better about. I can think back to late September to early October when I honeslty didn't have many people to lean on and it was really starting to hit me. But I think as the time has gone on and I've definitely changed my opinion about things. I'm just taking life one day at a time!

As for right now, I'm really excited for this weekend! I am so lucky and blessed that I'm able to go home early for Thanksgiving and I can't be happier! I miss my family so much and cannot wait to see them. I'm heading home early for my nephew's baptism which is this weekend so it will be so much fun for the family to be together! After that, I will be going home to California and getting to spend some time to relax. We have some fun things planned for the two weeks I'm home, and I'm planning on getting back to my blogging groove! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October Influencer Interview

Another month has gone by! October is officially coming to a close and I still can't believe it. College has been flying by to me and is definitely something I'm still adjusting to. Of course with the end of the month, comes my monthly influencer interview! I decided to interview Ashley M. from Dash of Social. We worked together for a bit and I absolutely loved her work ethic and passion for her company. This why she was perfect for my interview and I wanted to share it with y'all!

Please introduce yourself!
Hello everyone! My name is Ashley, and I’m a social media consultant at Dash of Social.

How did you get started in your business?
I was a blogger for two years before starting my business. I was able to grow my blog through social media, and because of its growth, I started working with companies to do sponsored content. I realized most of these companies barely had a social media presence or no social media presence at all, so I offered to help them out. I then got into freelancing, did that for two years, and officially established myself as a business in September 2016.

Who would you say would be your biggest motivator/inspiration?
My parents. They’ve known ever since I was little that I would be a business owner, and their confidence in me is what keeps me going.

What would you say is your goal for the next four years would be with your business?
Going full time! I graduate college in 2019, and I’m excited to say that I’m on the track to going full time with my business at that point.

For people who are wanting to start their own business, what would you say your biggest piece of advice would be?
Just do it. Every time you say you’ll get around to doing it, the chance of you actually doing it decreases.

What's something your readers don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know I’m still in college! They’re shocked when they find out because they always expect me to be older.

If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be and why?
My business coach, Taylor Manning! She’s amazing and incredibly successful.

If you want to learn more about Ashley and her services, click the link here. Thank you again to Ashley for doing this interview!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


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