Monday, June 26, 2017

Where I've Been


     This is kinda of a well-needed post. I haven't been the best with blogging this past month and lately, I thought I would be able to catch up. But with graduation and all, everything started to jumble altogether. The family was here visiting, squeezing in times with friends, balancing my two jobs, and taking the time to myself. Currently, I'm in Arizona right now for a little vacation to visit some family members before I leave for college, and so far it's amazing. It's relaxing to spend some time with my little cousins instead of worrying about work and such. 

    With this time off I have right now from work, I'm definitely utilizing it to work on my blogging some more. I have posts for every day this week and definitely like having the time all day to work on them. I like not being rushed when it comes to posts and would like to get back into the groove of not being when comes school. I also have been really focusing on my social media lately and have been working hard. My Instagram is my main focus right now and is actually something that I'm really proud of. The theme is exactly where I want it to be and all I need now is to give y'all more of it!

     Along with working more on my blogging, I have been definitely working more with my goals for the summer. I mentioned them in a blog post here a few weeks ago, and have been keeping them as a reminder. My friends and I have been trying to really hang out together and balance everything before we head to school. Another goal of mine that I didn't mention before is that I really want to start documented things more. I usually never take photos and don't end up ever liking the turnout with me in it. But within the past two weeks of summer, this is something I have been pushing and I can't tell you enough how much I love looking back on them. One of my favorite things is Live Photos on the iPhone. I love how it's still a regular photo yet gives you a little glimpse as a video!

     Of course, withing these past few weeks I the college idea has really been in my head. I'm incredibly excited to start my freshman year and all of the amazing things that will come. But I've definitely been reading all of the advice I can get! If you have any good posts, send them my way if you can!

     In the end, I'm pumped to get back into my regular blogging routine! I hope that this little update was helpful in where I've been for a while, but definitely look forward to some new posts this week!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Purple Scalloped Dress

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Things I've been loving

This summer I have been really sticking to my goal of reaching out and trying new things. I love sticking to my normal routine of using the same things every day and have always been like that. But within the past two weeks, I already have been trying new stuff and experimenting which has been making me way more open. Everything from fashion to skincare to even stationary! If you have any things you have been trying out lately and have been loving, let me know in the comments what it is!

Benefit Triple Preforming Facial Emulsion - This stuff is amazing. I could not recommend this anymore with how vertical and comfortable it is with everyday use. Not to mention it smells so fresh and clean. With the past two weeks, I put it on right before I start the day. It's the perfect balance of not being too thick but still giving me enough moisture to last the say.

Ferragamo Purse - I received this purse back in February as my birthday gift and I was ecstatic. Ferragamo has always been a brand that I have loved and was definitely one of my favorite luxury bags out there. Since it does give a fancier element to any outfit, I was truly afraid of using it in my everyday life. But just within the last week, I decided to bring it out of the dustbag and start using this perfect pink bag! I think it was a great decision to bring it out because it adds the perfect pop of color to my summer outfits and is a perfect size.

Lily & Laura Bracelet - Arm candy is usually not my thing besides my Apple Watch. It sometimes can be distracting but I love how much it can add to an outfit. Lately I have been trying to find my go-to stack of bracelets, and finally added this one to it. The white it the perfect neutral to any outfit but the shimmer adds a whole nother thing to it!

Pacifica Perfume - Perfume is usually something that takes me a while to decide on which scents I like and I can be very picky. I got this originally as a gift and was a bit skeptical, but I grew to love it with this summer! I have the Hawaiian Ruby Guava and it smells so fruity yet clean. I personally have the roll-on so it's easy for me to throw in my bag for on the go!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - I bought a pair of these in Honey Nectar and Natural Rose a week ago and can't stop using them! The colors are so perfect and subtle and are so easy for on the go. I originally bought these at the actual Pixi store in Venice and loved testing the different colors, but just found out they have them at Target!

Tobi Ring (c/o) - Like I said earlier, jewelry and anything that is on my hand or arm can sometimes irritate me. I do look for pieces that can add to my outfit, and these rings are perfect! The sizing it perfects and isn't loose or tight so I usually don't feel like it's even on! Plus this style it very in right now and they add a perfect dainty touch!

Bright Ideas Journal - With balancing work, personal life, working out and me time, I have had many things on my mind to juggle. I picked up this set of two notebooks from Anthropologie and they are absolutely adorable! Both of the prints are the cutest (my favorite is the bikini's ) and are the perfect fit for the tossing into your purse!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Grove - LA

Yesterday was so much fun with my best friend Claudia while spending sometime at the Grove. We brunched the whole day while having cupcakes and doing the necessary shopping. When looking for clothes I usually gravitate towards basic pieces that I can style and jazz up. sent me this perfect white top that has just the perfect sway to it. With the hot Los Angeles day's, its perfect for a breezy laid back look or a polished up style. I loved how I was able to add to the outfit with my favorite monogrammed bar necklace and these adorable block heels.


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