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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Agenda Organization: Must Haves + Tips on how to accomplish more

If you know me, you probably already know that I am one of the biggest fans of agendas. (Last year, I counted that I had well over 6 planners for the 2014-2015 school year). The reason why I am obsessed with them is because I love how their main purpose is to help you be more productive and to accomplish more things (Which is a huge plus when preparing for my upcoming years)!

Usually by the third month into the school year I have already switched agenda's (because of how indecisive I am!) but this year I am pretty proud of how I have fallen in love with my Erin Condren Life Planner. I have been buying Erin Condren Life Planners for the past three years, and out of all of them, this one has been my favorite! For a while I was using my Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda, but Junior Year quickly caught up to me and I realized that there wasn't enough room in the book for me to be able to write!

Keep a Color Coding System

I am big time visual learner, which means that I love learning by seeing everything laid out and color coded. What I like to do and the beginning of every year is grab all of my pens and pencils and write out all of the classes I'm taking and extra curricular's I have and make a color coding reference post it note! I usually assign all of my classes at school a specific color and then I grab two colors I haven't used yet and put them as Extra Curricular's & Personal. This way I don't have too many colors everywhere! I also grab three hi-lighters and assign them to : Completed word (To cross off in my weekly assignments) , Assignments Due, and Test, Quizzes or Projects.

Have Post-It's near by!
Post-it's are such an amazing tool when it comes to organizing your agenda! I love to use them when I need little reminders about an upcoming event and such. But one of my all time favorite ways to use them is where I grab a small post it and I stick it at the top of one of the weekly pages. Then I title it "Test's next week!" . This helps me become more aware of what I have to look forward too ext week and what I need to start studying for in advance.

Figure out a system
With all of the different planners our there with different layouts, it's good to know what your looking for to help keep you on track. I would highly suggest researching what types of planners there are out there (Ex. Erin Condren, Filofax, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and Day Designer). Another way to help you plan out what type of system you need is by what you need during your day! Are you looking for a hour by hour type layout? Or are you looking for something to jot down a quick to-do list? Ask your self these questions and then start researching!

Review/Plan your week ahead of time!
This may sound stupid, but trust me this helps a lot! I don't know how many times I have had a test I wasn't prepared for just because I didn't plan my studying out. I have such a busy schedule that I have to take time out of each day leading up to the test for me to be able to retain the information. (This is also how I learn personally). But reviewing your week ahead of time is the perfect way to be on top of things! With having so many extra curricula's on my plate, reviewing and looking over what I have to accomplish for next week can be a big advantage!

Let me know in the comments bellow what type of planner you use and how you choose to organize it! I would love to read all about it!


  1. Thanks for this! I really need to get more organized!

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  3. I bought my erin condrin recently but sadly I have the issue of having huge handwriting. I wish she would make a bigger sized planner also that was the size of a sheet of paper. I would switch back in a heart beat. I love this post and I also color code everything. My binders, notebooks, folders, and the highlighting in my agenda are all the same
    color for each individual class. Maybe I'm overboard but now I associate everything with colors. Thanks so much for this post. Now I know I'm just as sane as you are ❤️

    1. I have really big handwriting too! I also couldn't find anything that fit my size, but I promised my self that I would treat this one with care and so I have to write really small!

      Sophia B.

  4. I love how fun and colorful that is! I tend to buy planners but never use them after a week or so, haha!



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