Monday, November 30, 2015

Guide to Cyber Monday & Best Deals

The day has finally come for us shopaholics! Cyber Monday is today! So get out your coffee ready and be in a cozy spot to get ready to do some searching on all of your favorite sites. I have listed bellow a couple of websites that have some great deals and three tips on how to use your time wisely on this day!

Favorite Discounts:

30 - 40% off your purchase with code : MONDAY


50% off everything + an extra 15% off & free shipping with code: TODAYONLY

Kate Spade
30% off your purchase with code SHINE

Madeline & Company
30% off all backpacks with code THANKS2015

25% off with code SETSAIL

Hope everyone gets some great deals!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Inspired by Malala

     A couple of weeks ago, my best friend Eileen won tickets to see the I am Malala movie with her family. I read the book last year for a school project and ended up loving the book! (Definitely on my recommendation list! ) After reading the book, I fell in absolutely fell in love with the movie! I wasn't really sure how they would record and everything. But after watching the first five minutes of the show, I fell in love with Malala.

    One thing I don't like about reading books is how you never get the real personality of the person. I love hearing peoples stories in their own tone of voice and hearing them interpret it. It definitely helps create a better visual of the person and how they really are in their everyday lives.

    Malala story is absolutely inspiring with her father stating by her side to help advocate women's education. Usually most movies would go in order of her life story from when we was a baby all the way to present day. But in this case, the director of the documentary took a different approach by jumping around in parts of her life. Surprisingly this made it much more understandable with their different transitions.

   In the end, I would highly recommend seeing this movie. It is by far one of my favorite movies and give so much girl power motivation to help promote education into women's lives!

What are some of your favorite documentaries that inspire you?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Monthly Blogger Interview: Hannah Payne from Practically Imperfect

    And so I begin back on track with my Monthly Blogger Interview Series! I have received so many emails about how people enjoy these interviews that I had to transfer the series to my new blog! With my November version of this series, I am interviewing Hannah P. from Practically Imperfect! Me and Hannah bonded instantly when we both started blogging a couple of years ago. Since then we have always been in contact and have worked on many blogging projects together!

1.) Why/When did you start your blog? It’s crazy to think that it was over two years ago when I first became interested in blogging. I really loved the idea of having a creative space online to share my passions. I had previously tried to start a travel blog, but I  couldn’t think of a name I loved, had trouble with site design, and realized that I didn’t want to be confined to just blogging about travel. I set the project aside and came back to it months later. When I started Practically Imperfect, I knew it just clicked. I feel like Practically Imperfect really embodies what life means to me, and I have loved sharing those passions and dreams with my readers ever since!  

2.) What is your biggest inspiration when blogging? 

My blogs name, Practically Imperfect, serves as a big inspiration when I am blogging. I think that it’s the imperfections that make life great and I try to use that mindset as a starting point for all of my posts. 

3.) Where do you get your inspiration when thinking of different posts? 
I get inspiration and ideas for blog posts through different experiences in life! Since there are so many blogs out there, I used to feel intimidated and think it was impossible to create original content. I learned that if you are staying completely authentic, your unique voice will shine through. 

4.) Where do you think you would see yourself in 5 years? 
Hopefully living and working in my favorite city on earth, San Francisco! 

5.) How do you balance school & blogging?  
Balancing school and blogging is definitely something that I’m still learning how to do. I am just now getting into the routine of my freshman year at UCLA and back to a (hopefully) consistent blogging schedule. I really try to keep all of my posts as intentional and effective as possible. What helps me the most is when I lay out all of my future posts and organize them into a monthly calendar. 

6.) What are some of your favorite things to do outside of blogging and school? 
Going on adventures is my absolute favorite thing to do, whether that means traveling all the way to a new country or discovering a local coffee shop! Moving to LA has definitely fed that adventurous side of me since there is so much to do here! 

7.) What is something you think that none of your readers know about you?
If I could, I would live out of a suitcase and travel 365 days a year!

Want to learn more about Hannah? Head on over to Practically Imperfect Blog to read all of her amazing posts!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Update + Current Favorite Instagramer's

   What a week has it been! I apologize first off for the lack in my posts. I have been at school for the past two weeks for my annual school play, Noises Off. If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that this isn't my first play, but even though I have done this multiple times it's still a very stressful couple of weeks adjusting to all of it! 

But fear not, I'm back into my blogging groove!

Today I bring you my favorite couple of Instagramer's that I have been loving lately! With me being at school all day (Meaning that I finish my homework pretty early and have some time on my hand for once!) I have been following a TON of new instagrame'rs. So many of them have been giving me so many different post inspirations. And they are all so good, that they must be shared with y'all! So here they are! 


I  love her creative and fun pictures using everyday items! My all time favorite photo of hers would have to be from a couple of weeks ago of these adorable gold & white sneakers blog a pink and white background!


I have been studying my booty off for the past couple of test and I have been trying to keep my agenda as organized as possible. This Instagram account (And her AMAZING tumblr too!!) gives me so much motivation to study! I love how she utilizes her color coding system and how clean all of her work is.


I love how warm and cozy all of her pictures are (Especially the ones about Christmas (; ) But her feed is amazing and I would highly recommend checking her out and giving her a follow!!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration and such?


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