Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, New You

     I feel like a majority of the blog post's that go around this time of year are mostly dedicated to setting your new years resolutions and how you can achieve it. Well that's great and all to create them, I feel as if it's always a great time of the year to find your self and what truly makes you happy. This is one of my goals this year and I am extremely determined to do. With that, I have created a few short tips on how to complete this as your new years resolution!

Brainstorm- Literally think high and low of different things that might change you. I found out and tried different exercise classes that helped me leave feeling like a new person. Maybe exercise isn't your game but maybe writing or knitting or even photography. I created a list of all of the things I enjoy and this helped me narrow down the things that I want to try this year

Make small goals - This will definitely help and to help push you to try new things. What I like to do is take my brainstorm list from above and then try and see when I can incorporate them into my routines and months.

Daily Goals: Try the app Productive - I have a couple of my new items that were more for my everyday well being, so I downloaded this app called productive that helps keep track of the things you do daily and to help create them into habits. It's pretty fun and convenient since it's on your phone! It also have a setting where it reminds you to do you item!

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