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Friday, January 8, 2016

Week With Sophia V.3

Finals week is creeping up on my schedule and my workload is getting heavier and heavier. But honestly, I cannot wait until the next two weeks are over and I start the new semester! I am so ready to have a clean slate and too start fresh on the new semester. But with that I have been studying like a maniac these past few days, so I haven't really been outside much due to the insane amount of rain and 

The Mindy Project

AHH!! This is my absolute new favorite show! I have always adored Mindy Kaling from when she was in the Office. But with a show just dedicated to her, I have a new love for her and with her show! She's a doctor in the show (which is my dream career) and it's the story of her life as a doctor in New York City. Basically goals.

See's Candies Little Pops

I am always looking for some good snacks for me to munch on during studying or just as a treat. And these are perfect! I received these as a stocking stuffer and I am have been addicted to these. I love how that the box comes with different flavors and they are so tiny so you don't feel like you having a while lollipop!

Desk Arrangment

I decided to create a new study space for me  while going into this crucial time of my semester, and this was honestly the best idea. I took a old desk from Ikea and I got to decorate it and it has been the perfect little nook. I have decorated it with a mini gallery wall and added some of my essentials to my desk!

1 comment:

  1. I love your new study space, so pretty!
    xo, Syd



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