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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Staying Hydrated

I feel as if this year's biggest trend at my school and everywhere, in general, have been water bottles. In particular S'Well bottles! I started seeing these last year in the Spring and I thought that they were a really good idea of being able to keep your drinks hot or cold for large amounts of time. I recently gave in and bought one and I do have to say that I am obsessed! I love how there are so many different patterns's and way's to make them different! But of course, S'well Bottles aren't the only options! Kate Spade and Lulu Lemon have adorable options and I shared the links with y'all bellow!

With having a cute water bottle picked out, my biggest tip with drinking more water is keeping it by your side at all times. I know me, and if my water bottle is sitting next to me while I work on the computer, I will be more compelled to drink it since it's there! If you have a meeting or just in class, always keep it on your table just so you can see it and have access to it if you want a quick drink.

What is your favorite water bottle and way's to stay hydrated?

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