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Friday, February 5, 2016

Week With Sophia V.5

With the amount of weather mood swings to the countless amounts of power outages, I do have to say that this week was really fun! 

Cardiobarre Love

I haven't shared yet, but recently I quit dancing. Why you may be asking? Mostly due to how expensive it is and how as my high school years go on and on, it becomes more and more harder to balance everything. But just recently I have been getting back into the rhythm of the gym and as one of this months item on my bucket list, I decided to try a barre class! And let me tell you, I LOVED IT! It was exactly what I needed when looking for something too keep my flexibility from Ballet but still getting in a good cardio workout. I would highly suggest trying out your local barre class.

Perfect Mani's

This might be weird, but one of my favorite things is looking at perfect mani's on Pinterest. I always wondered why my nails never looked like them and I quickly realized that it was because my nails have never grown so long. So this past week I made it a mission of mine to grow them long and get them painted. I was able to do this and they turned out perfect! I realized that this was definitely something that is a great thing to "Treat yo self" when your stressed!

Girls Night

My friends and I have made a point that we go out as a group and have a fun Friday night. Lately we mostly go out to dinner and then get a sweet treat after. I love catching up with them and having some down time. Plus we get dressed up usually and take some cute photos, of course!

Sneak peek to the next few post's

I have so many exciting things to come for the next few weeks and I cannot wait to share with y'all! They all mostly relate back to Valentines day. So be sure to be on the look out these next two weeks.

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