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Friday, April 22, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V. 11

Summer!! Where are you??

I honestly cannot wait until this school year is done and I can relax! 


I got a really bad cold over the weekend that soon turned into a very high fever. I stayed in bed for most of last weekend as I could and one school day. I never really realized how much getting sick makes you go so much slower until I came to high school. But at least I got to catch up on my favorite shows (OBSESSED with Brooklyn 99) and some soup!

College Trip


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that yesterday I visited UCLA & LMU with my AVID class. Both were not my first visits there, but they were both good refreshers on me really narrowing down what i'm looking for in a college. But it was a beautiful day on both campuses, which is something that we have really be hoping for here in So Cal!

AP's & Finals

How is that I only have a full month of school left?! I feel like it was literally 5 minutes ago that I was walking to my first day as a freshman. AP's are starting next week, and I have been non stop reviewing for them. I feel very prepared for my english one but not so much for my art history! Honestly, I just cant wait to get through this week and back to a normal blogging schedule. :)

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