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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Recent Purchases of April

I usually never wear my contacts which means that I never wear any sunglasses. But with Spring starting to come and the sun coming out, I have definitely resulted to my contacts and sunglasses in those situations.  I still cant decide on which high end glasses that I should get my prescription in, but these are great for backups for now. I love the shape and the color, and they are perfect for the summer.

Typo Computer Case

Sadly ever since I got my computer it has gotten a little banged up from me brining it everywhere. I have tried using different cases instead of sleeves but all of them have either broken or just ended up scratching my computer more. I have been in need of a computer case for a while now and I was so ecstatic to find this one at Typo! Sadly they don't sell it online but I realized that they have a TON in store that are cuter then the ones online. I also linked some down bellow to a couple that I was also considering buying!

Old Navy is KILLING it with the purses! I was debating either getting this purse or this one. I am in love with the Chloe handbag for the longest time and they made the cutest dupe of it here. But I decided to go for the tote since I have been having a lot of business related meetings and it fits those more.

Recently I went to my local Ulta (Which opened dangerously up the street from me) and they had a sale on some Essie Polishes! These are the absolute cutest colors and they were all only a dollar! Lately I have been switching around all of the colors and they are the cutest! I especially love the pink one! 

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