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Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Today is finally the first day of Spring Break for me! As much as I hope for it to be spent by the beach or heading downtown, I'm deep cleaning my room. I know this might not be the most desired thing to do, but this has been a major thing on my to-do list for quite some time. I usually do this every year and I have basically created it into a routine of it! With doing it a lot, I have a couple of tips that might help anyone out when trying to be productive on your spring cleaning.


Make a list of what needs to get done

I usually do this around a week before the day I'm going to do it. I basically brainstorm what I need to clean out and what I want to re-arrange and stuff. This also helps me get an idea of what I want things to look like by the end of the day. It also ends up creating it to be a better and easier way when on a time crunch of some sort.

Grab a friend!

I usually never have people help me when I clean, but this year I have to be done at a certain time. Thus I thought it would be a good idea to invite two of my friends! This creates a (kinda fun) time where we can catch up on talking and basically cut down the cleaning time by a lot.  

Play Music, Not Netflix

This has been a really big problem for me when cleaning. I end up putting on my favorite TV show from Netflix of Hulu and it ends up taking over 40 minutes extra just because I am distracted. What I like to do is put on my recent Spotify playlist on my iHome. This helps when getting me off my phone and being distracted. Plus it charges it at the same time!

What are your favorite tips when doing your Spring Cleaning?

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