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Monday, May 2, 2016

How to Prepare for a Productive Week

This week is truly crunch time for me. With AP's this and next week and then a couple of my finals, I really have been prioritizing every single moment I have to complete things. For the past month I have been struggling in order to get my stuff together for AP's, that I finally have the hang of it! 

1. Know what important things you have to do

I know when I had my Day Designer (Before I lost it) I loved the feature at the top that allows you to write the top three things you need to complete in that day. This is such a essential when you have a long to-do list. It helps you prioritize a lot and really makes you think about how much time and what you need to do.

2. Make your to-do list every day

This whole week I have been doing this and it's a life savor. My favorite thing in the morning is to grab my to-do list from the day before and asses when I completed and what I still need to-do. This helps so much when I think about how much time I will have for things. One thing that I really like to do I write out my list on paper and then also make an online to-do list. This helps when if your doing nothing and on the go, you can check your list to see if anything you can do then and there. It could be something as easy as a phone call or emailing a person back!

3. Choose a space where you will complete the most

I realized that I cannot do anything that is important and needs a lot of time in my room. I get extremely distracted whether it's my guinea pig or me being constantly hungry, my room is not the place for me to do the most. I really enjoy going to coffee shops or just little restaurants that I know I can work at for long times.

4.  Know your limits

This is the most important. Please remember to not sleep deprive your self or take your self from hanging out with your friends once this week. You need to take breaks in order to maintain and keep a balance between things. Just try to limit your breaks to a shorter time then usual, but still do then so your up on your toes while working on something!

What are some of your tips about bring productive?

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