Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Outfit: Bejeweled Sandles

Dress (Similar) // Tote // Sandals (Similar)

For the past year I have been drooling over these pair of Jeffery Campbell sandals. But, as much as I would love to spend almost $200 on shoes, I knew that wasn't practical. Thankfully keeping a close eye at my local marshals, I found these beauties that look almost identical! Lately for my internship, I love pairing them with anything with soft colors, and is definitely a favorite with this Old Navy Dress!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Current Reading List

With having a lot more free time, I have been really getting into books. My current reading plan is to get through my two summer reading books for school (Slaughter House Five & The Awakening) and then start all of the books that I actually want to read. I also have made it a goal to read the two books that I got into during the year and to finish them. Hopefully this will keep me busy and relax more! Let me know any book suggestions you have in the comments! I would love to read books that are similar to the ones I put on this list.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Technology Deep Clean

Something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time is to deep clean all of my technology accounts and devices. I knew this would take a VERY long time, considering that I would have to go through everything, thus why I waited until summer. Currently I am on my 3rd day of staring a a screen while sorting everything, and I can already feel a difference. I think that this is something everyone should do once every two years or so, and I have some tips on how to make it faster and easier!

This is the hardest out of all of my cleaning areas since the computer is so big! My experience was pretty chaotic when attempting to clean it out. But my biggest tip is to put everything on your desktop so you can see how much your working with, and then divide them into semi-equal folders, and start from there! This makes it much simpler to work with and to organize when it's condensed.

Another thing to think about when going through this is storage options. There are so many options when it comes to where you should put your stuff up on the "cloud". From iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive, I choose OneDrive. The reason behind it is that I am a student and I use Microsoft Word religiously, and all of my Word documents get automatically saved onto it! But If you are trying to store photo's and other things, I would go for Google Drive.

When going through such a cleanse of technology, I would say to try and keep your home screen simple. My process of this is putting ALL of my apps into categorized folders (Ex. School, Blog, Personal, On-The-Go). Then over the span of two days, I see what apps I gravitate to the most, usually Instagram and texting. Then with knowing that information I take those apps out of the folders and put them onto the main screen so I have easy access to them.

This is another thing that takes up the most time. I personally wanted to go through every app (especially social media) and take time on what I was keeping and what was going away. Thus every day through out my clean out I would assign two app's that I had to go through. (Toughest were Facebook and Instagram). Then I wrote a list on specifically what I wanted to go through on each app. For Facebook it was going through my friends list and what groups I am still apart of. As for Instagram, it was strictly who was following me. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, it's much easier to see exactly what I like on my feeds.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V.13

First week of summer is complete! I have been loving every single second that I have had time off, and I am so glad that I have done so much.  I really have made it a point to do at least one big thing each day, and it makes my life so much more productive. Whether it's and interview or planning out the week!

Interviews on Interviews

This week I have had a total of three interviews, both for jobs and internships for this summer. Weirdly enough, I have been loving getting to interview because they are all positions that I am passionate about, but i'm also having a ton of fun getting to pick out outfits! This dress that I'm wearing was only $17 at Old Navy!

Lusting over Erin Condren

I finally received my new Erin Condren Planner for this upcoming year! Although it doesn't start until July, I definitely have been trying to utilize planning out each day. This has definitely been making it more helpful for me to know which things I need to complete by the time I am able to use it.

Exploring my area

One thing I really wanted to do this summer was to try out new spots and new things in my area. The other day I finally bit the bullet got my nails done (Don't even remember the last time I got them done) at Nail Garden in Hermosa Beach. I absolutely loved the experience and definitely would recommend their company to anyone who needs a cute mani here in LA. I also tried a new fitness class and LOVED my experience there! Hopefully me trying out new things will continue throughout the year.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Bucket List

This summer has so much in store for me and I cannot wait to start making new memories! About a month ago (When I was still in school) I decided that planning out my summer and procrastinating on school work was a good idea, and it actually made me super excited. I have a lot of fun places to try and day's planned along the way. I know one of the biggest things that I have during this summer is my cruise to Alaska! The trip isn't until August but I have so many things to do up until then!

What's on your Summer Bucket list?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Bright

Top (On sale) // Jeans // Tote (On Sale) // Shoes

While the weather here in California might not be on summer time, my wardrobe sure is! I have been trying to find some more bright pieces to add to my closet for this summer, and I stumbled along this adorable top! I wasn't able to get a picture of a dealing on the top of the blouse, but it's gorgeous! The embroidery and jewels at the top of blouse matches almost identically with anything, especially with my shoes that I picked up last summer in Haiti. And the light tan tote bag goes perfectly with the light colors of the outfit.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Junior Year Recap + Survey

School is over & i'm back!

I finally finished my second semester of junior year last Thursday, and I cannot wait to see what summer has in store for me. This year has brought so many memories within blogging and my life everyday, and I cannot wait to truly focus back on my blog and to create better content for y'all.

I do have to say that balancing a blog and handling junior year stress was a very big challenge. I took all of my SAT's and ACT's multiple times along with AP courses along with a rigorous class load. But blogging was always on my mind when ever I would get stressed through out the year, and was something I was so grateful to have in my life. During the school year it can be hard to find time to work on posts, but it's something that I love doing when I can find that time.

Now that school is over and I have three months to relax, I have so much in store for y'all! I have so many great blog post's coming up that I cannot wait to share.  Be on the lookout for more Glimpse of Sophia post's and outfits and maybe even a room tour! So many ideas to come in these next few months, so be sure you are keeping up on my social media and with the blog.

One of my goals for this summer was to really engage with readers and know what they really want to read more from my blog. I came up with the idea of a reader survey for y'all to fill out here. I will be taking every submission into consideration and I would love the feedback! :)

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