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Friday, June 17, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V.13

First week of summer is complete! I have been loving every single second that I have had time off, and I am so glad that I have done so much.  I really have made it a point to do at least one big thing each day, and it makes my life so much more productive. Whether it's and interview or planning out the week!

Interviews on Interviews

This week I have had a total of three interviews, both for jobs and internships for this summer. Weirdly enough, I have been loving getting to interview because they are all positions that I am passionate about, but i'm also having a ton of fun getting to pick out outfits! This dress that I'm wearing was only $17 at Old Navy!

Lusting over Erin Condren

I finally received my new Erin Condren Planner for this upcoming year! Although it doesn't start until July, I definitely have been trying to utilize planning out each day. This has definitely been making it more helpful for me to know which things I need to complete by the time I am able to use it.

Exploring my area

One thing I really wanted to do this summer was to try out new spots and new things in my area. The other day I finally bit the bullet got my nails done (Don't even remember the last time I got them done) at Nail Garden in Hermosa Beach. I absolutely loved the experience and definitely would recommend their company to anyone who needs a cute mani here in LA. I also tried a new fitness class and LOVED my experience there! Hopefully me trying out new things will continue throughout the year.

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