Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Favorites

I truly cannot believe that July is almost over! It seemed as if yesterday my mom and I were sitting down and planning out our summer! This summer I definitely stepped out of my boundaries and tried a lot of new products (Shockingly) . And with balancing everything from summer school to research program to work, I have been going through products like crazy!

What have you been loving this month?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tips for Keeping up the perfect mani

This summer I have gotten really into painting nails than ever before! I used to go months without changing my look with polish since I hated the look of when it would crack. When summer started, I decided to treat myself to a nice nail salon and to try and keep it for as long as possible. Results? My regular polish lasted almost a month! I tried my absolute hardest when doing it and determined to share my experience with y'all!

Opt for a Nail Polish with good formula
I learned this the hard way. Storytime!! Last year when I went to Haiti, I decided to get my nails done at a local salon. My aunt took me and brought her own polish, but since I didn't have any I used one from the salon. Since they don't have very good quality products there, the nail polish did not have a good formula. End results were that the red nail polish (that looked amazing when I put it on) decided to trickle through my nail and looked like a huge red bruise inside my nail. After this, I had to lay off from putting anything on my toes, but I could definitely tell it was from the bad formula. I always try to look for brands that I personally know and love that I can rely on.

No Biting Nails
I'm guilty to this. I am by far one of the biggest nail-biters out there. It may be gross, but it usually comes out when I'm stressed or just extremely nervous. Usually, I can distract myself from doing this by painting my nails. With this then I don't want to ruin the color and how clean looking it is on my hands. I also sometimes use the clear "No-biting" products which are another good alternative!

Moisturizer is everything
I used to NEVER put on lotion. When I was little I used to hate the soft feeling of it and would never put lotion on them. About two years I started getting into a routine of it haven't stopped yet. I love this mini size, which is what I use on a daily basis. This makes your hands extremely moisturized and have your cuticles in healthy shape.

How do you like to keep up your manicure?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V.14

If you're reading this, I'm currently soaking up the sun in one of my favorite spots ... Tucson! I'm not sure if I shared this before but I used to live here and I love coming back and visiting my family. With that, we have a ton of plans this weekend that I'll share on next Friday's Glimpse of Sophia.

Sweet Tooth Indulge

I can't even begin to count how much ice creme I have gotten. But I do have to say that if your ever in Southern California that you must stop at Rita's! I personally only love their custard but it's amazing!!

Breaking in a New Planner

Yes, I have a planner addiction. And this time, I tried out this Day Designer for Target. Results of it: I LOVE IT! The print is absolutely adorable and I still love how it has the day on a page function as the original day designers have.


With living in Southern California, I have an absolute hate for LAX. But on my way to Tucson, I was surprised with the small amounts of people there were! I ended up making it to my flight almost 2 hours early so I got to relax. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Productivity over the summer

This summer by far has to be one of the busiest of my entire life. With juggling my internship, summer school, job, blog, and having downtime I definitely have to make sure everything goes smoothly. Personally, I think I have never been this organized until now and I absolutely love the system that I have and how well it works.

Create Goals 
I always set goals when I'm going into the chaotic season. I try to think of the overall focus's of my summer and then think of what I want to get out of each. I also try to think of things I want to (like visiting a restaurant or town) and plan out when I can achieve those things. This is definitely helpful when having a schedule but you can think of overall when you want to complete. in a general time

Agenda that works
Whether you know me in real life or through my blog, you know that I am an agenda addict. I recently bought one of the new Erin Condren planners and I realized it wasn't working for my everyday life and what I needed. Thus, I sprung on to the new Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners for Target and purchased this planner. I have forced myself to only write in the week on in the planner so I can allow for changes in my schedule. I keep every single appointment I have on Google Calander which helps for reminders and long term planning.

Designated Downtime
Every day I pick out at least 4 hours for myself to relax. Whether it's watching a TV show or chilling in bed, I always try and get some time to myself. Usually, it's during the night time when I can relax, but sometimes it can be as simple as getting my favorite lunch and watching my favorite TV Show.(Currently, I love Flipping Out and how I can relate to Jeff's OCD...)

Know What Works For You
Everyone has a different way of completing tasks and we all just have to test out to find what works out. It has taken me about 3 years to figure out a system that works well when completing a ton of tasks. For me, I first decided whether I preferred online or paper calendars and from there I went into more detail of what works and is more functional for my life.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Curly Hair Nessetites

Having very curly hair is a blessing and a curse in so many different ways. I absolutely love how some of my curls are put together and look perfect some days. But as for most of the days, the frizz and thickness love to take over. Over the years I have definitely learned A LOT about keeping up my hair care and learning to love it. With that, I'm sharing today my top products on keeping curly and frizzy hair more tamed.

Hair Brush
The most important part of my hair care! In the past, I have always gone for one of the generic ones from Target but lately, I try to stay away from those. Recently I bought this hair brush from my recent trip to Dry Bar. It works really well with my hair and reduces the frizz surprisingly. And weirdly enough it works amazingly when my hair is wet. I know that your supposed to work on your hair after the shower with a comb, but in my situation I would end up losing the comb in my hair. (It's happened before...). I tried the WetBrush before but didn't really work well. Thus, I opt for my cute little yellow brush from Dry Bar.

Frizz Control Product
Basically, the side of my bathroom counter is all frizz control products. I have gone through so many types of products I can't even remember what I have and haven't tried. On of my all time favorites for a light frizz control is this Herbal Essences Moose. I usually bring this out when I am in a place with a lot of humidity and it works perfectly for me! As for when I straighten my hair, I use this It's a 10 Leave In with Keratin. It works wonders when containing my hair and always leaves it sleek and smooth.

Heat Protectant
Searching for a good heat protectant has always been a struggle for me. I try and pay attention to what my hair stylist tries on me at the time and see how that works. But lately I have been using this Drybar Heat Protectant and it definitely has been one of my favorites. I love how it's a lotion (especially when traveling) and is easy to apply.

An Amazing Flat Iron
Everyone. Needs. This. Flatiron. Not kidding at all. My aunt originally got this flat iron for herself, and I tried it one day and fell in love! I ended up getting one for myself and have been using it ever since. It's super easy to use and has a very high-temperature feature which I need to be able to do my hair. Plus the plates on the actual flat iron makes it super soft and silky, leaving with an amazing finishing product.

What do you use on your hair?

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