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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Productivity over the summer

This summer by far has to be one of the busiest of my entire life. With juggling my internship, summer school, job, blog, and having downtime I definitely have to make sure everything goes smoothly. Personally, I think I have never been this organized until now and I absolutely love the system that I have and how well it works.

Create Goals 
I always set goals when I'm going into the chaotic season. I try to think of the overall focus's of my summer and then think of what I want to get out of each. I also try to think of things I want to (like visiting a restaurant or town) and plan out when I can achieve those things. This is definitely helpful when having a schedule but you can think of overall when you want to complete. in a general time

Agenda that works
Whether you know me in real life or through my blog, you know that I am an agenda addict. I recently bought one of the new Erin Condren planners and I realized it wasn't working for my everyday life and what I needed. Thus, I sprung on to the new Day Designer by Blue Sky Planners for Target and purchased this planner. I have forced myself to only write in the week on in the planner so I can allow for changes in my schedule. I keep every single appointment I have on Google Calander which helps for reminders and long term planning.

Designated Downtime
Every day I pick out at least 4 hours for myself to relax. Whether it's watching a TV show or chilling in bed, I always try and get some time to myself. Usually, it's during the night time when I can relax, but sometimes it can be as simple as getting my favorite lunch and watching my favorite TV Show.(Currently, I love Flipping Out and how I can relate to Jeff's OCD...)

Know What Works For You
Everyone has a different way of completing tasks and we all just have to test out to find what works out. It has taken me about 3 years to figure out a system that works well when completing a ton of tasks. For me, I first decided whether I preferred online or paper calendars and from there I went into more detail of what works and is more functional for my life.

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