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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tips for Keeping up the perfect mani

This summer I have gotten really into painting nails than ever before! I used to go months without changing my look with polish since I hated the look of when it would crack. When summer started, I decided to treat myself to a nice nail salon and to try and keep it for as long as possible. Results? My regular polish lasted almost a month! I tried my absolute hardest when doing it and determined to share my experience with y'all!

Opt for a Nail Polish with good formula
I learned this the hard way. Storytime!! Last year when I went to Haiti, I decided to get my nails done at a local salon. My aunt took me and brought her own polish, but since I didn't have any I used one from the salon. Since they don't have very good quality products there, the nail polish did not have a good formula. End results were that the red nail polish (that looked amazing when I put it on) decided to trickle through my nail and looked like a huge red bruise inside my nail. After this, I had to lay off from putting anything on my toes, but I could definitely tell it was from the bad formula. I always try to look for brands that I personally know and love that I can rely on.

No Biting Nails
I'm guilty to this. I am by far one of the biggest nail-biters out there. It may be gross, but it usually comes out when I'm stressed or just extremely nervous. Usually, I can distract myself from doing this by painting my nails. With this then I don't want to ruin the color and how clean looking it is on my hands. I also sometimes use the clear "No-biting" products which are another good alternative!

Moisturizer is everything
I used to NEVER put on lotion. When I was little I used to hate the soft feeling of it and would never put lotion on them. About two years I started getting into a routine of it haven't stopped yet. I love this mini size, which is what I use on a daily basis. This makes your hands extremely moisturized and have your cuticles in healthy shape.

How do you like to keep up your manicure?

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