Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Instagram is by far my favorite app invented (next to my Postmates app). I think it's so amazing that people are able to snap or share pictures that either inspire them or create memories! Especially being in the blogging world, we are able to share what we love with our readers and what we think it special! From different filters to editing options, you can instantly brighten a picture! 

When it comes to my personal editing ways, I try to keep it pretty simple. I only use one editing app that I am in love with. Most people opt for VSCO Cam or just the regular phone settings you can edit with. I personally choose to use "A Color Story". This app is full of bright colors, filters, and so much inspiration! I keep my editing settings to a minimum, but are pretty easy to follow the steps below!

1. Upload the correct photo
This can take quite some time, but make sure that you are choosing the right photo. Whether you took multiple poses of your OOTD or snapping pics of a cute pup, make sure that it's the perfect photo! No one wants to accidently wants to edit and perfect a photo with someone closing their eyes!

2. Apply your choice of filter
I usually tend to lean towards anything in the "Blush" Catagory. I love bright colors and this pack of filters fits it perfectly with my theme! As for specifics, I choose the filter "Punch".

3. Add brightness
No matter what, my pictures always come out dark. It's very rare that they don't, but most of the time you will either see me use the exposure or curves option to help bring in some light.

4. Sharpen!
One of my biggest pet peeves is a grainy or blurry picture but had a great concept. I am always playing around with this button, mostly since I don't want my picture to come out so dark it's grainy.

And voila! That's how I edit my photos!

Monday, August 29, 2016

August Favorites

School is finally back in session! As we speak, I am off to my last year of high school! I cannot wait to see what this school year has to offer me and begin ! 

With getting a job and really focusing on my blogging this summer, I have been able to try out so many different items. Some I do love and some not so much, but either way it's fun experimenting with them! With traveling and prepping this month, I got to grab a few things that I LOVE!

Grey Malin S'Well Bottle // Basically love at first sight! I recently accidently dented my old S'Well Bottle and couldn't decide whether or not to get a new one. But the minutes I saw this Grey Malin limited edition S'Well, I couldn't resist!

Hand Food // I'm not a huge lotion kind of person, but after a nice mani, I'm constantly putting some on. I have been trying out a couple of different travel size lotions from Sephora and this one if definitely my favorite! The smell is so pretty and is super hydrating.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser // All. Time. Favorite. This is an AMAZING cleanser and is perfect for everyday use. I have pretty normal skin (other than the winter) and this is the perfect way of maintaining it. I pair this cleanser along with my Benefit face creme.

Essie "Delhi Dance" // I have been in search for a nice pink to pair with any outfit, and this is my recent go to. Essie always has the best nail polish formula and this color comes out the same as it's in the bottle! You can probably find me sporting this year round...

Unbeadlivable // I stumbled upon this adorable shop online and was instantly obsessed with their jewelry! I picked up this beaded bracelet with tassels. It is the perfect bracelet to pair with my daily watch and bangle!

Erin Condren Coloring Book // With me trying to rearrange my room lately, I had the idea of using my Erin Condren Coloring Book pages to spice it up! All of the coloring pages are so bright and inspirational that they are so fun to fill in!

Monday, August 22, 2016

High School Backpack Essentials

With exactly less than one week until senior year, I definitely have the back to school feels! I have been collecting all of my supplies for the past week and surprisingly have gotten more excited to start! One of my favorite things about starting school was getting a new backpack every year! This mostly happened during elementary and middle school since mine would break by the end of the year. As for starting high school, I used my North Face Jester religiously. After getting bored with my plain black North Face, I fell in LOVE with my current Madeline & Co. backpack! This backpack is extremely spacious and is perfect for someone on the go but wants a little bit of color on their bag!

Waterbottle // I am a huge fan of Swell bottles. They are so good when it comes to keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature and are perfect to carry around! I recently bought this Grey Malin Limited Edition Swell bottle, and love it! 

Wallet (Similar) // I am constantly at the vending machine during school, so my wallet is a necessity. During the school year, I like to switch to this slim wallet instead of my Kate Spade just so it fits better.

Small Bag // Basically the Mary Poppins endless bag for my backpack. I keep everything from medicine, hair ties, pencil, and even a spare house key!

Extra Phone & Computer Cable // Weirdly enough, I am on my computer and phone constantly. Especially for my computer, I need my charger in reach at all times since it die's really quickly.

Extra Flashcards // I am a big fan when it comes to learning with flashcards for school. I also like using all the time I have to spare at school to get a head start on creating flashcards on what I need for studying.

Happy Back to School Season!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V.16

Post vacation mood can be hard yet a good change to occur. But with getting out of my post-Alaska trip, I am soo ready to start school! I'm going to be a senior this year, which I can't be more ready for. I have spent so much time this month working on college applications that I feel really prepared to take on my classes and focus on them. This year I'm not taking a ton of

One // Unbeadlievable Store
I am one of the biggest fans of dainty jewelry, and this store is heaven! They have the simplest beaded accessories and add the perfect touch. I just ordered this bracelet and I cannot wait to pair it with some colorful chino shorts!

Two // Grey Malin S'well Bottles
One word to describe this: Obsessed. With along the rest of the world, I adore all o f Grey Malin's photography. With the breathtaking beach shots to fun monochromatic snaps, he never manages to not amaze me. But he recently announced that he has a collaboration with S'well bottle! I adore my S'well bottle, but this collection is the perfect excuse to pick up a new one. ;)

Three // Ivanka Trump Working Playlist
I am a huge fan of Ivanka Trump and her company promoting woman in the workplace. Her blog is always something to check out when needing info about working or just fashion tips too! I came across this playlist from her website and have loved it! When studying I'm not a huge fan of listening to classical music, but these songs are a perfect balance!

Be on the look out this upcoming week for some fun posts! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alaska Recap

I'm back again today with my second part of my Seattle/Alaska trip recap! Like I said before, this was my first cruise and I loved my experience of it! I love everything about cold weather and nature, so this was the perfect fit for a vacation. 

We spent around three days at sea completely, where we honestly didn't do much. During the time we are strictly at sea we spent a lot of time all together and exploring the ship!

Day 1: Seattle / Boarding

After spending our morning in Seattle, my mom and I set off for the boat terminal to begin going through the lines. We spent roughly around 3 hours waiting in line until finally arriving on the boat. Once we got on we found my aunts and then headed over to eat at the dinner. From that, we just sat and relaxed in the sun to set sail for Seattle!

Day 2: At sea

This was definitely not my best day on the boat. We were in pretty rough seas the entire day and I finally felt sea sickness during the whole ride. I spent a vast majority of the day sleeping, but other than that we just explored the boat!

Day 3: Juneau, AL

This whole day I spent a majority of my time with my aunts since my mom, aunt, and uncle went on a hiking excursion. Instead of opting for the hike, my aunts, cousin and I all took a tram to a peak in the mountain of Juneau. The views were breathtaking and definitely so much to take in at once! Once we got up to the mountain we spent a little bit shopping and visiting the nature center they had. After this, we went back down and explored the town! The town is pretty small and all relates back to their jewelry shopping! We spent some time looking at what they had to offer and they were beautiful!

Day 4: Skagway, AL

Skagway was an adorable and very beautiful town. All of the buildings look like the wild west and has so much character and charm! We took the White Pass Mountain Railroad as our excursion for the day with the whole family! We spent three hours going up the mountain with the train and were amazed at the beauty of the area. 

Our view from dinner!

Day 5: Tracy Arm Fjord & At sea

By far one of the best highlights of the cruise. We woke up to the captain giving us all an announcement that the boat has stopped for an hour so we can all spend time with the glacier. I honestly had no idea what Tracy Arm Fjord was (And no cell service to Google it!) and was blown away! Just the minute we stepped out of the elevator on the top deck floor, you felt the cool air go through the ship! Once we got outside, we immediately started taking pictures of our view! It was breathtaking to see and definitely understand why people love it so much. Not to mention, there was a huge waterfall next to it!

Our view after getting off the elevator! 

Day 6: At sea

Not much happened on this day at all. The majority of the time was starting to pack up everything and just spending as much time as we could using all of the boats amenities!

Day 7: Victoria, Canada
This was my first time going to any part of Canada, and was amazed! It's such a beautiful and green city that we all decided we have to go back! We spent a majority of our day near the Empress hotel and at Butchart gardens. Both are something I highly recommend since they are two of the main things of the city!

Day 8: Departing / Seattle
We hopped off the boat and headed straight to the airport to LA!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Seattle Recap

Finally back home to sunny California after my weeklong adventure in Seattle & Alaska! I had so much fun spending time with my family on this one week cruise throughout up north along with exploring Seattle for a couple of days. My mom and I most definitely fell in love with Seattle and it's charm, can't wait to see when the next time we can stop by. But every single moment was definitely something to cherish being with family! With the cruise having much more detail, I decided to split up my trip recap and will be sharing with y'all the Alaska portion on Wednesday! Keep your eyes out for it!

Day 1 - Seattle

My mom and I flew into Seattle airport (Much different then LAX) at almost noon. We stopped by our apartment and immediately went out the door to see what the city had to offer! We were so thankful that our Air B&B was right on Post Ally ( The famous gum wall) and was easy to access and walk to almost anything! I used my Foursquare app to see what food was around, and we decided to stop by El Buracho. The food was amazing and definitely, put that on our favorite restaurant's list for the city.

After we ate, we met up with two of my aunts and her daughter that was also a part of the cruise with us. We spent our time walking around Pike Place and in absolute awe of the beauty. Flower bed restaurant with a view of the ocean? Yes, please!

Although we didn't end up eating there for dinner, we did opt for this very modern restaurant that was in an atrium overlooking the ocean. The view and atmosphere was stunning, and not to mention it had accents of red everywhere.

We then headed over the famous Space Needle and spent the rest of our night there. We went all the way up and we were taken away by the Seattle skyline. And with a beautiful sunset taking place in the background, it topped it off even more! Later that evening we met up with another one of my aunts to complete the whole party and spent the whole night being taken away with the views.

Day 2 - Seattle

Waking up bright and early, my mom and I headed over to the University of Washington for a campus tour. Prior to the tour, I wasn't planning on liking the school due to a couple of things, but one of them was that online I didn't like the campus feel. Boy was I wrong! The minute our Uber pulled into the campus I was in love! The buildings are absolutely stunning with their architecture!

How stunning is the inside of their library?!

Later on, we headed back downtown to the Chihuly Gardens to meet up with my two aunts and one of their daughters. The museum is absolutely amazing and is definitely a must for anyone in that area! The artwork with the glass is beautiful and honestly is so mesmerizing!

After this, we headed back to where our apartment was and had a big group dinner. We sat near the ocean and talked the whole night away in preparation for our cruise the following morning.

Day 3 - Seattle /  Cruise

With a busy day ahead, I ended up being able to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Connie. We had been following each other for a while and knew I had to meet her in person during my trip. We had brunch at a delicious crumpet shop near the Pike Place Market. After that, we headed down towards the market and I picked up these beautiful flowers! With being there for a couple of days, I had seen so many people carrying the arrangments around that my mom and I had to grab some! After we went over to the gum wall and snapped some cute photos. 

After, my mom and I headed straight for the cruise terminal. We waited for quite a while and finally got on and settled in our new home for the next week. After a couple more hours we met up with the rest of our family on the ship and then set sail for Alaska!

Alaska Re-Cap coming up wednesday of this week!


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