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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alaska Recap

I'm back again today with my second part of my Seattle/Alaska trip recap! Like I said before, this was my first cruise and I loved my experience of it! I love everything about cold weather and nature, so this was the perfect fit for a vacation. 

We spent around three days at sea completely, where we honestly didn't do much. During the time we are strictly at sea we spent a lot of time all together and exploring the ship!

Day 1: Seattle / Boarding

After spending our morning in Seattle, my mom and I set off for the boat terminal to begin going through the lines. We spent roughly around 3 hours waiting in line until finally arriving on the boat. Once we got on we found my aunts and then headed over to eat at the dinner. From that, we just sat and relaxed in the sun to set sail for Seattle!

Day 2: At sea

This was definitely not my best day on the boat. We were in pretty rough seas the entire day and I finally felt sea sickness during the whole ride. I spent a vast majority of the day sleeping, but other than that we just explored the boat!

Day 3: Juneau, AL

This whole day I spent a majority of my time with my aunts since my mom, aunt, and uncle went on a hiking excursion. Instead of opting for the hike, my aunts, cousin and I all took a tram to a peak in the mountain of Juneau. The views were breathtaking and definitely so much to take in at once! Once we got up to the mountain we spent a little bit shopping and visiting the nature center they had. After this, we went back down and explored the town! The town is pretty small and all relates back to their jewelry shopping! We spent some time looking at what they had to offer and they were beautiful!

Day 4: Skagway, AL

Skagway was an adorable and very beautiful town. All of the buildings look like the wild west and has so much character and charm! We took the White Pass Mountain Railroad as our excursion for the day with the whole family! We spent three hours going up the mountain with the train and were amazed at the beauty of the area. 

Our view from dinner!

Day 5: Tracy Arm Fjord & At sea

By far one of the best highlights of the cruise. We woke up to the captain giving us all an announcement that the boat has stopped for an hour so we can all spend time with the glacier. I honestly had no idea what Tracy Arm Fjord was (And no cell service to Google it!) and was blown away! Just the minute we stepped out of the elevator on the top deck floor, you felt the cool air go through the ship! Once we got outside, we immediately started taking pictures of our view! It was breathtaking to see and definitely understand why people love it so much. Not to mention, there was a huge waterfall next to it!

Our view after getting off the elevator! 

Day 6: At sea

Not much happened on this day at all. The majority of the time was starting to pack up everything and just spending as much time as we could using all of the boats amenities!

Day 7: Victoria, Canada
This was my first time going to any part of Canada, and was amazed! It's such a beautiful and green city that we all decided we have to go back! We spent a majority of our day near the Empress hotel and at Butchart gardens. Both are something I highly recommend since they are two of the main things of the city!

Day 8: Departing / Seattle
We hopped off the boat and headed straight to the airport to LA!

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous, Sophia! I would love to make it to Alaska someday; a cruise is high on my list because I'd love to see some whales haha :)

    Alexa |



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