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Monday, August 22, 2016

High School Backpack Essentials

With exactly less than one week until senior year, I definitely have the back to school feels! I have been collecting all of my supplies for the past week and surprisingly have gotten more excited to start! One of my favorite things about starting school was getting a new backpack every year! This mostly happened during elementary and middle school since mine would break by the end of the year. As for starting high school, I used my North Face Jester religiously. After getting bored with my plain black North Face, I fell in LOVE with my current Madeline & Co. backpack! This backpack is extremely spacious and is perfect for someone on the go but wants a little bit of color on their bag!

Waterbottle // I am a huge fan of Swell bottles. They are so good when it comes to keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature and are perfect to carry around! I recently bought this Grey Malin Limited Edition Swell bottle, and love it! 

Wallet (Similar) // I am constantly at the vending machine during school, so my wallet is a necessity. During the school year, I like to switch to this slim wallet instead of my Kate Spade just so it fits better.

Small Bag // Basically the Mary Poppins endless bag for my backpack. I keep everything from medicine, hair ties, pencil, and even a spare house key!

Extra Phone & Computer Cable // Weirdly enough, I am on my computer and phone constantly. Especially for my computer, I need my charger in reach at all times since it die's really quickly.

Extra Flashcards // I am a big fan when it comes to learning with flashcards for school. I also like using all the time I have to spare at school to get a head start on creating flashcards on what I need for studying.

Happy Back to School Season!

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