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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Instagram is by far my favorite app invented (next to my Postmates app). I think it's so amazing that people are able to snap or share pictures that either inspire them or create memories! Especially being in the blogging world, we are able to share what we love with our readers and what we think it special! From different filters to editing options, you can instantly brighten a picture! 

When it comes to my personal editing ways, I try to keep it pretty simple. I only use one editing app that I am in love with. Most people opt for VSCO Cam or just the regular phone settings you can edit with. I personally choose to use "A Color Story". This app is full of bright colors, filters, and so much inspiration! I keep my editing settings to a minimum, but are pretty easy to follow the steps below!

1. Upload the correct photo
This can take quite some time, but make sure that you are choosing the right photo. Whether you took multiple poses of your OOTD or snapping pics of a cute pup, make sure that it's the perfect photo! No one wants to accidently wants to edit and perfect a photo with someone closing their eyes!

2. Apply your choice of filter
I usually tend to lean towards anything in the "Blush" Catagory. I love bright colors and this pack of filters fits it perfectly with my theme! As for specifics, I choose the filter "Punch".

3. Add brightness
No matter what, my pictures always come out dark. It's very rare that they don't, but most of the time you will either see me use the exposure or curves option to help bring in some light.

4. Sharpen!
One of my biggest pet peeves is a grainy or blurry picture but had a great concept. I am always playing around with this button, mostly since I don't want my picture to come out so dark it's grainy.

And voila! That's how I edit my photos!

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