Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's in my carryon

If you're reading this, then I am currently on a plane to Seattle and then Alaska! I am so excited to be going up north and cannot wait to see what it has in store! When packing for this trip, I truthfully had no idea what to bring. Although my clothes had to be slightly thicker, my carry on did not change at all! For the past couple of years, what I bring on my carry on has stayed pretty consistent and works pretty well for me!

Next to my Longchamp, this tote bag is one of my absolute necessity. It holds and an incredible amount of things and practically goes with any outfit!

This wallet is perfect when traveling! When you open it up, it fits your boarding pass perfectly and has so many pockets to organize.

Lotion & Clip:
Dry hands and messy hair? No, thank you!

Vera Bradly Pencil Case:
About 99% of the time when I go on vacation, I have to do work. Thus, I usually opt for a tiny bag to hold all of my essentials when working.

I recently picked up these Prada glasses from ShopDITTO and I am in love!!

With having no cords, these are perfect when listening to music in a small space.

Kate Spade Jewelry Dusk Bag:
I have two of these that both serve different purposes. One holding all of my jewelry for the trip (Shockingly it fit) and another holding my lip balm and lip gloss.

Modern Lovers & iPad:
Both of these are what I work on after my laptop dies (Which is very quickly). I am so excited to start reading this book since everyone is raving about it. As for my iPad, I just bring it to play games or go on Pinterest.

Louis Vuitton Pouch:
This is a major hand me down from one of my relatives, and I can't get enough of it! I basically keep all of my medications in there or hair ties!

With starting the college application season, I sadly need to start planning out the deadlines. With knowing that I'm going to be having some downtime, I'll be able to use my agenda to figure out those dates.

Hair brush, phone, and more lotion:
All of these, I have with me 24/7. With my hair being difficult in new weather conditions, a brush is a must! As for my phone and lotion, those I keep on hand with me at all times.

What's in your carry-on bag?


  1. I'm from California too! (But the bay area). Loved this post! We take a lot of the same things :)
    Sarah |

  2. All good ideas! Hugs, Kait



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