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Friday, September 9, 2016

Glimpse of Sophia V.18

September is officially in full swing! I am a huge fall and winter kind of gal and can't get enough of it. Over here in LA, it's still getting in the low 80's but living next to the ocean has it's perks with the breeze.

Along with being in my second week of school, I have already started to feel the pressure. With everything from Common App to what the latest deadline in my broadcast journalism class, I am constantly on my toes. But weirdly, I love it! I can't stand doing nothing (maybe one of the reasons why I don't like summer being so long) but enjoy having things to look forward too. But with that being said, I have been enjoying my multitudes of study breaks along with catching up with some friends!

An ice creme break after a long study session for Marine Biology.

One // Study Playlists - I am a huge fan when it comes to listening to music when working on assignments. It honestly helps me remember when studying and also block out any sort of white noise. I try to opt for playlists where there is music I haven't listened to before so I don't sing along and focus more.

Two // Dancing Pumpkin Head Man - I had too. My friends and I have been dying over this Twitter account with their remakes of this dancing pumpkin man. My personal favorite is the Wii music and the Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Three // Popsugar on Snapchat - About 90% of the time at school, you can probably find me on my phone either on my email or Snapchat. I love catching up with Snapchat stories from friends to celebs. But recently I have been loving the Popsugar snaps! They do a ton of different things in which they share out that are so fun! It can be anything like a quick yoga session to help relieve stress demonstration to cute DIYs!

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  1. Oh gosh, I totally remember Common App and how I wanted to yank my hair out while filling out everything. And I totally agree about the Popsugar snapchat! I always like to see their stories!

    Marshall |



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