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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Jewelry has always been on my weaknesses. Especially when it's adorable and my favorite brands. I remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing these adorable boxes tied with a pink box. Who can resist trying them out! The company is called Rocksbox and definitely does the name. All of their jewelry is amazing and is perfect for fall time!

Essentially these adorable boxes show up to your doorstep once a month where you get three jewelry pieces to use throughout the month. But the part that I love is that they aren't just random pieces. When you create your account you first take a style quiz where it helps the stylist pick pieces for you to try during the month! 

I made it a goal of mine to try and wear each piece at least once during the month. Turns out that every piece I ended up loving! They definitely gave a different edge to my style and are perfect for everyday looks.

If you want to get your first box FREE, use the code "simplysophiablogxoxo" at checkout!

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