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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Go-To Bracelet Stack

Arm candy is by far one of my favorite things in fashion. (Next to cute handbags of course) I love how they are able to make an outfit a dressier or casual in an instant just with how you layer them. Over the summer I was determined to find some pieces that I know I would use every day and that would match well with my wardrobe. Ever since I have been getting compliments how-how I even put together those pieces. Thus, I wanted to share with y'all today on how to pick the right pieces to make your perfect arm-candy combo.

#1 - The big piece : Whether it's a watch or a chunky bracelet, bit a big statement piece that you know will grab peoples attention. I usually opt for either my Kate Spade watch or my FitBit. Either go really well with my everyday school look and can just be paired alone and still look good.

#2 - Dainty : I personally like the look of something that it dainty yet brings in a lot of colors to your wrist. I found this amazing jewelry shop, where I was able to find my now favorite bracelet of all time. The beads are small of the bracelet, and with the added touch of small tassels brings in a good color scheme.

#3 - Middle ground : I always include something that is not exactly a big piece like my watch or something as small as my tassel bracelet. I love choosing either my Lilly & Laura bracelets (they come in ADORABLE colors) or my Alex and Ani bracelet. Both can add a lot of color to your stack and yet still not be the biggest thing on your wrist.

What are your go-to bracelets? 

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