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Monday, October 31, 2016

October Favorites

It's really hard to believe that November is here and Halloween is today!

October has been an amazing month for me but I can't wait to see what November has to offer. But before the official turkey season begins, let me share some of my favorites of this month:

Passion Planner - Two weeks in and I'm hooked. I have heard nothing but good things on this planner and thought I would try it out for myself a couple of weeks ago. Although I was a little bit skeptical since it has no to-do list area for each day, it works out amazingly with my schedules! Plus when you start your planner you write out your goals that you want to complete by the time you finish it, then each week you try and find ways to implement it into your schedule. 

Carmex - Hello chapped lip season! If you are ever near me during the fall or winter time, I am constantly complaining about my chapped lips. I can never keep chapstick on me (I always loose it), but for some reason, I have been loving this Carmex pot. It's soothing feel is perfect for the harsh weather in the fall and winter.

Typo Stickers - I picked these up from Typo at the beginning of the month and I'm obsessed with them. They were $1.25 for each but had a deal for $5 for 5. These stickers are such a fun addition to the silver on my laptop and definitely give a cute vibe.

Bath & Body Works "Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte" - By far, the best smelling hand sanitizer that I have had yet. I picked up a few from Bath and Body Works and was battling trying to pick my favorite, but this one won by a landslide. Absolutely the most perfect fall smelling ever!

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

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