Sunday, June 25, 2017

Purple Scalloped Dress

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Things I've been loving

This summer I have been really sticking to my goal of reaching out and trying new things. I love sticking to my normal routine of using the same things every day and have always been like that. But within the past two weeks, I already have been trying new stuff and experimenting which has been making me way more open. Everything from fashion to skincare to even stationary! If you have any things you have been trying out lately and have been loving, let me know in the comments what it is!

Benefit Triple Preforming Facial Emulsion - This stuff is amazing. I could not recommend this anymore with how vertical and comfortable it is with everyday use. Not to mention it smells so fresh and clean. With the past two weeks, I put it on right before I start the day. It's the perfect balance of not being too thick but still giving me enough moisture to last the say.

Ferragamo Purse - I received this purse back in February as my birthday gift and I was ecstatic. Ferragamo has always been a brand that I have loved and was definitely one of my favorite luxury bags out there. Since it does give a fancier element to any outfit, I was truly afraid of using it in my everyday life. But just within the last week, I decided to bring it out of the dustbag and start using this perfect pink bag! I think it was a great decision to bring it out because it adds the perfect pop of color to my summer outfits and is a perfect size.

Lily & Laura Bracelet - Arm candy is usually not my thing besides my Apple Watch. It sometimes can be distracting but I love how much it can add to an outfit. Lately I have been trying to find my go-to stack of bracelets, and finally added this one to it. The white it the perfect neutral to any outfit but the shimmer adds a whole nother thing to it!

Pacifica Perfume - Perfume is usually something that takes me a while to decide on which scents I like and I can be very picky. I got this originally as a gift and was a bit skeptical, but I grew to love it with this summer! I have the Hawaiian Ruby Guava and it smells so fruity yet clean. I personally have the roll-on so it's easy for me to throw in my bag for on the go!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - I bought a pair of these in Honey Nectar and Natural Rose a week ago and can't stop using them! The colors are so perfect and subtle and are so easy for on the go. I originally bought these at the actual Pixi store in Venice and loved testing the different colors, but just found out they have them at Target!

Tobi Ring (c/o) - Like I said earlier, jewelry and anything that is on my hand or arm can sometimes irritate me. I do look for pieces that can add to my outfit, and these rings are perfect! The sizing it perfects and isn't loose or tight so I usually don't feel like it's even on! Plus this style it very in right now and they add a perfect dainty touch!

Bright Ideas Journal - With balancing work, personal life, working out and me time, I have had many things on my mind to juggle. I picked up this set of two notebooks from Anthropologie and they are absolutely adorable! Both of the prints are the cutest (my favorite is the bikini's ) and are the perfect fit for the tossing into your purse!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Grove - LA

Yesterday was so much fun with my best friend Claudia while spending sometime at the Grove. We brunched the whole day while having cupcakes and doing the necessary shopping. When looking for clothes I usually gravitate towards basic pieces that I can style and jazz up. sent me this perfect white top that has just the perfect sway to it. With the hot Los Angeles day's, its perfect for a breezy laid back look or a polished up style. I loved how I was able to add to the outfit with my favorite monogrammed bar necklace and these adorable block heels.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Morning Pages

Finding peace in the morning is something that is so crucial when starting off the day. These past few months it was something that I wanted to work on more and started to think of new ways to improve. I try very hard to make my mornings phone free and it's much more relaxing, but I still was looking for something to improve it some more.

Monday, June 12, 2017

My Skincare Routine

Skincare is something that I really take seriously in my everyday regimen. When my skin is feeling clean and good, it boosts my confidence by so much. I didn't really start thinking about how it did that until two years ago when my acne started to get worse. But I will add that back then, I was wearing makeup and doing more activities in my life. Fast forward to today, I rarely ever wear makeup and keep up with my skincare routine to the tee every day. Now with my changes in my routine, I have had barely any major breakouts or changes in my skin.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - This is incredible when it comes to making your skin feel good throughout the day. I have been using this cleanser for over six months now and I love the way it makes my skin feel after. It's super hydrating and moisturizing at the same time, so even when I'm in a rush and can't ou

Glossier Priming Moisturizer - Glossier products are amazing when paired together so I usually opt for the matching moisturizer with the face cleanser. I love the rose smelling fragrance in it and really is a good choice for everyday use.

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment - If I ever do get a blemish that occurs, I always use this product. I have one in every possible bag with me since I love how fast acting it is on fixing the pimple and such. I usually go through and add it on to where ever I need and throughout the day just do touch ups.


First Aid Beauty Cleanser - This brand is super on target when it comes to getting blemishes and a good clean in each product. I use this at night and it works wonders when clearing up any pimples and such that I see throughout that day and making them disappear. Plus a little goes a long way so I usually don't stock up very often!

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion or First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-firm Sleep Mask - I switch between these two every day. While the Benefit moisturizer is great everyday use, I like to put a thick creme sometimes. I absolutely love the Benefit moisturizer smell and doesn't make me feel like I have a super thick layer on me. But the First Aid Beauty Night Creme is great when your skin needs some TLC and can get super hydrated overnight.

Face masks are a great way to refresh your skin but not in the normal routine. I only do face masks twice a week just so my skin can refresh and have some time to relax. I usually do this Que Bella Face Mask's at the beginning of the week, but they are a great value! At Target you can get a pack of six and they each have something they specifically target in trying to fix or work on in your skin. They are super slim and perfect to travel with and do their magic. As for the Glossier Moon Mask, this is a great heavy duty mask but does a lot of good for your skin. I do this immediately after my cleansing for the night and it acts as an amazing moisturizer and definitely relaxes me before sleep.

What's your skin routine? What products do you use? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Grey Cold Shoulders Dress

Dress (c/o) | Necklace (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Purse (New version) | Ring (c/o)

Dresses are always my go-to outfit choices during the summer. They are super easy to put on and always add an element of cuteness to it during the warmer weather times. I'm always looking for trendy pieces to add to my closet and decided to try out a new site. sent me this dress along with the gorgeous ring and I couldn't be more obsessed. The dress in incredibly comfy and is perfect for summer nights. As for the ring, I love the detail on the band with this look. I ended up wearing this outfit to my best friends graduation party where I got so many compliments from where the items were from.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Goals

Every new season I love setting new goals for myself. I really keep myself accountable and try to document htem with photos and even blog posts. And with this being the first summer without a giant  load of school work (*insert happy dance*), I'm looking forward to try new places and to start working on projects and goals for my upcoming school year in college.

Usually my goal list turns into a bucket list really quickly since I have so many different places to try and things to do, but this year is much different. I kept it to a simple five goals to work on - save, explore, try, expand, and prep. All of these have a bunch of subtasks and more specific things to do. So let's dive in!

Save | With getting a new job (and potentially another one) I have been really focusing on saving up for emergencies and my personal epenses. I'm planning on working through college and I really want to start saving up for when I need the money in August or other times. My budget has really been my best friends and is something that I truly stick by.

Explore | Los Angeles is such a big city with so much to offer, and this summer I'm determined to do so much! My friends and I have been creating a list for months of things we want to do with each other and we can't wait to start putting the into action! (Many of them are roadtrips and I can't hardly wait!)

Try | I'm usually a person who sticks to things that I like and never trys antyhing new. This year I'm determined to work on three different areas of my life - skincare, hair, and makeup. All of these I'm not the best in and don't really know much about. But I have a few classes and products to try out to find my best reiman for each of them. I'm hopeing to share with y'all my experminetation with the hits and misses of them!

Expand | My blog is something I truly want to focus on fixing, learning, growing from. I have a ton of mini goals for myself to work on and start once I graduate. I have some amazing ideas for posts and different projects to start on. One fo them is something a reader suggested to me - longer posts! Before I tended to stick with 300 or 400 works max, but this summer I want to expand that!

Prep | College starts for me in mid-August and I coulden't be more filled with mixed emotions. I'm goning to be travaling across the country from my family and I really want to make the transition as smooth as possible. This means anything from transfering my job to shopping for my new room. If you have any suggestions on things I should prepare for during this big move, let me know!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

J.Crew Summer Arrivals

The newest summer collection is out from J.Crew, and I couldn't help but share! The pieces are so cute and cover a wide variety of styles and colors! They added, even more, swim wear and new balance workout pieces that I am sure to be buying soon. With the new arrivals of these, I shared down bellow a few of my all time favorites along with the links!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Simply Saturday V.29

This week was incredibly calm, yet a lot of preparation was done for next week. We had our last round of AP testing at school, so everyone was very drained for most of the week, to say the least. But next week we will go back to our regular school schedule, so I have tried my hardest to get my assignments and test made up. It did come with a lot of downtime opportunities for me to work on my blog posts from this week and to pick up some extra shifts which are always good!

I’ve been working on some really great collaborations and giveaways that are soon to come so, please stay tuned! Also, let me know if there are any specific blog posts you would like to see.


    Emily Ley Covers || They're here, they're here! Emily Ley has been hinting for the past couple of months at which new designs they are coming out with, and I was so happy to see all of them! I can’t even begin to choose which one to purchase, but luckily this year she added a planner quiz feature to see which one would fit best!

     Tuckernuck Raincoat Sale || I have been on the hunt for a great raincoat to take to Charleston and have been doing tons of research. I heard that these Barbour jackets are simply amazing quality for rain. Luckily on the Tuckernuck website in this favorite yellow and red color. I think I'm leaning more towards the red, but also can’t resist the eye-catching yellow!

     Microsoft To-Do App || Usually I don’t talk about apps and much technology on here, but I had to share. My dear friend Abby told me about the Microsoft To-Do app and how amazing it was that I had to give it a try. It’s simplicity and design is so good, and it’s super easy to use. Not to mention the syncing feature is a lifesaver when working between devices and doing things on the go.


Ballet Flats

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ballet Flats

Flats are an absolute staple in my closet. They can add so much flair and color to any outfit instantly and can be paired with almost every type of clothing article. At work, I usually opt for a ballet flat or loafer since its more comfort to my feet yet still giving a cute element. Lately, I have been looking for some more flats to add to my collection and found some adorable ones while doing so. I shared my top six down bellow with links of my favorites!

Do you wear flats often? What are your go-to shoes?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I Love My Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner

Dealing with my stubborn hair is something I absolutely dread in the morning. Frizziness is my absolute nightmare and something that I try so hard to control with various different products but end up not working. In the past, I have done different treatments and shampoos that are supposed to help reduce it but never actually worked. One day I saw an ad for Function of Beauty and I was automatically hooked. The idea of Function of Beauty is that you take a hair quiz to fit your hair’s “personality” so that it’s customized to your personal needs. I ended up trying out both their shampoo and conditioner and can’t help but not promoting it!

Washing Suggestion | I always have been curious on how much and often I should be washing my hair to make it better. Beforehand I was doing every other day and didn’t necessarily love the results it had. When I received my first order, they insert a little information packet regarding what your product consists of. They also evaluate what you picked inside for your product and tell you how many times they suggest to wash your hair for long, medium and short hair. They suggested for me five to four times a week (which initially I thought was a lot), but I ended up trying it out. Within just two weeks of using it, I saw an immediate response with my hair and the frizziness going down. And now with using it for more than two months, my hair frizziness is much more tamed than I have ever seen it.

Dye-Free & Fragrance-Free Options | I know a lot of my friends were very skeptical when I talked about the concept of this company. Some of them really wanted to try it out, but many of them are allergic to certain ingredients in the dye’s and have to be cautious. I love that Function of Beauty took that extra step and added those options for customers. You have both options to choose from at the end of your quiz and is something that they take very seriously.

Hair Goals | This has to by far be my favorite thing about this product. Not only do they ask you what type of hair you have now, but they ask you what you want to fix your hair! I love that they offer this and actually have the goals work. Like I said before I picked frizziness control as one of mine and I can already see a large difference. I also picked curl definition and split-ends fix and notice an improving stance from those too!

If you ever were curious to try Function of Beauty, I would highly suggest going for it! If you do end up trying it, click the link here to get $5 off your order!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Graduation Dresses

The graduation season is already starting to creep up, and the dress game is on. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect dress and definitely have been getting a lot of great ideas from this year's summers fashion. My school has us as girls wear dresses along with heels or wedges. Trying to find a dress that fits my personality along with being functional is super hard yet fun to try and find! Along the process, I was able to find some cute and high-end options for the big occasion. Let me know if you end up choosing any or have any good recommendations!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bar Method Love

Working out has never been something I have enjoyed. I danced for almost fourteen years and loved every minute of it up until my Sophomore year. It started to get really expensive, and I had to end up quitting. For my whole entire Junior year, I didn’t do anything working out wise, and I started to really not feel like myself. It wasn't until August of this past year where I was determined to find something that I loved. Thus how I found Bar Method! I saw many ads’s and heard such good benefits from Barre classes.

I remember taking my first class back in January and being completely obsessed. I fell in love with the movements and everything about it that I immediately signed up. It’s the first time in a couple of years that I finally found something that I love and can’t help but promote it to others!

The Staff is Amazing || This is a great quality I look for in business, and I can’t help but praise them in everything. Their instructors are phenomenal and really take the time to make sure you are supported. I have many injuries that restrain me from doing some movements, and they are so gracious to help me do other things that work my body, but to the extent, it can do it.

Gaining back Flexibility || When going on my workout hiatus, I really missed being flexible. When dancing, I was able to do all of my splits and loved the feeling of being stretched. Within just a week working out, I already had one of my splits back. And now being almost five months in, I can almost do all of them again!

Customized to You || Like I said earlier, I have many past injuries that I have to take really good caution when it comes to working out. I thought that this would be a problem when it comes to doing it but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't! The instructors help manage and teach you what to do instead if you have an injury yet still pushing you in the workout.

All Body Workout || This is a big thing I loved about. In dance, I loved out everything was a full body workout no matter what thing we were doing. This is exactly right with Bar Method! Another major factor is that every class is completely different. Yes, you do the same sort of things in order (ex. Arms first and then onto thigh) but different exercises each time.

If you've never tried Bar Method or any sort of Barre class, I would highly suggest!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Simply Saturday V.27

This week has been a lot since the reveal of my college announcement. Monday was the same day that I announced to both my friends and family on Facebook and such about choosing College of Charleston for the next four years. I was overwhelmed with joyous amounts of love from both people in my personal and the blogging community. I can’t say thank you enough for all the support y'all have brought to my life!

Most of this week consisted of AP testing (snor) and dorm prep. My roommate Beth and I have been searching for the perfect combination of colors and such for our room. We currently have a Pinterest board we have been collaborating together on, but I have been updating my Pinterest a lot with some other room inspiration! Other than college related stuff, summer is right around the corner! I am going on so many trips this summer, and I couldn't be more ecstatic to take you on them. Be on the lookout for them!


    Carnation Earrings || These beauties have been on my want list ever since I started working. They are adorable and have the cutest detail. Not to mention that all five colors are lovely and are perfect for the upcoming season!

    Graduation Gift Ideas || Carly from The College Prepster posted these adorable gift ideas for graduation, and I cannot agree more! I feel like graduation gifts can be tricky to get, but you can never go wrong with some ideas and then make them more personalized.

    The Perfect Sunny’s || Since I have such a high prescription for my glasses, it can be really hard to me to find sunglasses that are functional and practical for me. Warby Parker blew me away with their eyeglasses, and I’m really excited for the sun to start to come out so I can buy these!!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Current Style Inspiration

Lately, I have been really been gravitating towards Pinterest and Tumblr for my style inspiration for the warmer weather. Ever since starting at J.Crew I have been loving the new arrivals and have been really getting into the different trends. I have been obsessed with the dresses and more girly tops that brands have been putting out and can’t wait to bring them out soon! I thought I would bring to you today some of my favorite pictures that I have been trying to recreate or pull inspo from.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I am a huge gift giver and always find joy in the search for the perfect gift for each of my friends and family. When it comes to family, I try my hardest to find something that fits them as a person along with something that I know they will use often. My mom is someone I brainstorm the whole year for the three top holidays - Birthday, Mother's day, and Christmas. I have a running list on my phone of things I come up with. Today I’m going to give some present ideas that your Moms may love or just give you some general inspiration!

Monday, May 1, 2017

College Decision

This past couple of months I have mentioned and felt like all I talked about was college. I completely underestimated how much work college applications were going to take up and even had to end up take a break from blogging. But it was all worth it in the end! I slowly started to get back into blogging and finally know where I am going! I have been so excited to say this and happy to announce that I am going to …

(Drumroll please)


I will be attending the College of Charleston in South Carolina in the fall! This is a school that I have loved from the beginning of school searching and could not be more excited to start my next four years there!

These past few weeks I have been already planning my dorm and trips, and even found my roommate! I will be sharing every step of the way! 

But I do want to say thank you to all of my readers! You guys have been there since the beginning of my freshman year, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Simply Saturday V.26

As every week goes by, Summer and high school coming to a close gets even more real than before. It used to be so crazy to think that I will be someday done with highschool and now it's starting to feel real! This week was filled with craziness with starting my job training at J.Crew, planning out graduation and prom attire, and getting some trips planned for the summer. I also finally put down my deposit for my school earlier this week and happy to say that I will be announcing my college on May 1st (I Declare Day!). Of course to top of this week, my best friend and I spent Thursday skipping school and heading to Disneyland!


        @CuteEmergency on Twitter
I’m a huge animal lover and usually opt for cute animal pictures to destress. My source for these photos is usually through my friends reposting on Facebook and such. But lately, I have been loving @CuteEmergency’s Twitter. It’s the perfect dose of adorable videos and pictures that quickly brighten up your day!

          GAIA for J.Crew
Pops of color mixed in with stripes is something I’m always going for. When I discovered GAIA, I was instantly obsessed with the message they carry along with their products. They recently announced that they had put some of their products in particular J.Crew stores for sale. This past week when I was at work, I was surprised with finally getting to see one of their purses in person! They are darling and now can be found in different J.Crew stores!

         Erin Condren Planner peaks
The inner planner hoarder in me is still trying to control myself when seeing all of the Erin Condren sneak peeks! Even though I don’t use my Erin Condren anymore since it doesn't fit my lifestyle, I still am a big fan of the message and products they produce! If you are looking for some inside scoop pictures check out @Jen_plans and @Taylor.Plans to see!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Warby Parker Glasses

      I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade and have gone through dozens of pairs. When I was little, I would only pick the most colorful glasses and didn’t care what it looked like as long as it was pink. As I got older, I decided to pick more practical ones, and once high school came along, I started to care. I will admit that I have taken pretty bad care of my glasses over the years, but this year I was determined to keep them in perfect condition. 

      When getting my new pair, I decided not to get the boring ones from my optician, and instead, I went with Warby Parker. I was so amazed at their service and what they offered that I ended up getting these pairs. I have blown away with the quality that I had to review them and share them with y’all!

 Excellent Service || I decided to purchase these online since I don’t have a store that is relatively close to me. They were incredible with helping me pick out the pair and fix anything that I was concerned about.

Home Try-On || I did this back in December and loved how convenient it was for them to try. I wanted to try something new, so I picked a wide variety of glasses that were fun and yet practical. I would suggest everyone doing this so that you get a better idea with your style and everyday life.

Wide Variety || Warby Parker has such a fantastic option selection that there is one for every person. I picked these because of their color yet how they go with my style and personality.

Higher Strength Options || This is a fun fact, but I am legally blind and have been for a while. I have one of the worst prescriptions possible and can be hard for me to find glasses that can fix that thick of a lense. Warby Parker accommodates it perfectly and offers a better resolution of the lense to fit my needs!

If you are ever in need of glasses, be sure to check out Warby Parker!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Simply Saturday V.26

This week has been full of ups and downs but definitely brought so many exciting things. By far one of my favorite times of this week was (drum roll please) ...

I’m a Stylist at J.Crew!!

I get more and more excited I think about it! I have been searching for a job for around three months now and started to get really anxious about not getting any of them. But I applied to J.Crew just for fun originally and ended up getting an interview and later on a position! This all happened within this week, so I haven’t officially started my position, but I’m excited about training and starting! (Not to mention the new styles are ADORABLE)

Along with finally getting a job (hallelujah), I decided on a college!! This has been one of the more stressful decisions of this month, but I’m so glad to be finally committed to a college. I will be announcing soon on the blog and my Instagram so make sure you're following me!


Refinery 29’s Money Diaries Series
    I am a huge fan of Refinery 29 and their content. They always create such interesting series, and this is by far my favorite. Refinery 29 has been doing a series where they have someone (all anonymously) share what they spend a week living in a city. It’s pretty interesting and something I’m always curious to read! Click here to read the Money Diaries Series posts.

Glossier Phase One & Two
    It’s no secret that I am a major fan of Glossier and both their makeup and skincare lines. My first purchase was the Phase One kit and was completely obsessed with all of the products  Their products are on the semi-expensive side and is something that they have been trying to reduce for a while. They announced this week that they reduced both of their kit prices! I highly suggest everyone trying Glossier once and now is a perfect time!

Passion Planner New Colors
    Planners are such an amazing tool and something that everyone should invest in. I personally use Passion Planner and love the quality of them. Their two new colors are the cutest and I couldn't be more in love with them! I'm definitely eyeing the cobalt blue one for college.


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