Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly List V.23

Happy Spring Break! I am so happy to officially say that my spring break started this morning, and I cannot wait for the fun to start happening. Today I’m excited especially because my best friend and I are heading to Culver City and shopping the Soul Cycle Warehouse sale. Soul Cycle has amazing clothing quality since most of their items are made through Lulu Lemon or Nike. I’m going to be posting on my Instagram Stories the whole day, so make sure you follow me!

FIRST // Whole30 This year I have been working hard at controlling what eat and what I do to exercise and maintain my body. I have looked into diets and such and seeing what my options are. Sally from Sweetly, wrote this fantastic article all on Whole30. I never truly knew what Whole30 was about before until reading it. I have been so fascinated with it and highly suggest everyone reading her more into it. I’m considering doing it, but it will take a lot for me to give up all of my Starbucks drinks… SECOND // Museum of Ice Cream is coming to LA My friends and I have been making a long list of all of the things we should do together before leaving off to college, and one of them being going to a fun museum. Initially, we didn’t know what that was going to be and hoped something out pop up in LA. We lucked out because earlier this week they announced that The Museum of Ice Cream is coming to LA! One of my friends visited in New York and said it was incredible and I could not be more excited! THIRD // 15 Things to remind yourself this week article This week was my school play’s tech week which brought a lot of emotions and stress on top of my normal life. Although I have been through these tech weeks a ton of times, it still is hard to get used to when being in the mix of it. One of my favorite bloggers, Hallie from Among Other Things, wrote this fantastic article on 15 Things to Remind Yourself this Week. This article honestly couldn’t have come at a perfect time and gave some great advice.

National Stripes Day

Stripes are one of my very favorite patterns when it comes to clothing. No matter what they look like, I’m always bound to end up adding it to my closet. Last week, J. Crew announced that they have officially created National Stripes Day! I instantly was excited about this and had to share you two of my favorite stripe items from them. I decided to share two different outfits - a day and night outfit. Both of these tops are on sale, and I will have the links down bellow!


Top (Similar) // Jeans // Shoes


Top // Jeans // Heels // Scarf (On Sale!)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March Favorites

March has been one of my favorite months this year so far. It went by incredibly fast (as usual) but really left me with a lot of memories for my senior year. But with that in mind, I tried to really go without my boundaries and try different things. Usually, my monthly favorites are around ten different items, but today I bring you a smaller amount yet I am really in love with everything. Let me know what you have been loving in the comments below!

Tory Burch Embrace Ambition Bracelets:
When it comes to everyday jewelry, I usually keep it pretty simple and minimal and don’t do much. I talked about these bracelets back in this post and ended up buying a couple. They are similar to the Pura Vida bracelets but the gold hardware really can bring more color to your outfit instantly. Not to mention they have a great message for woman!

Warby Parker Finch Glasses:
   Getting new glasses is a pretty big thing for me considering how hard it is for me to pick them. I am always in my glasses, so I like them to be perfect when choosing them. My prescription is very very strong so I'm limited to a number of choices. I never used Warby Parker services and was blown away with their service. I was recommended by a store clerk for the Finch glasses and absolutely love them! The quality is stellar and I will be going in depth about my experience in a soon post.

Glossier Moon Mask:
   Masks are slowly being more and more implemented into my weekly skincare routine and really have been hydrating and cleansing my skin. I have tried a couple of different brands, but Glossier Moon Mask has been an astounding product. The mask is amazing for many skin types and definitely is the perfect one to try weekly. Not to mention is smells amazing!

Anthropologie Idiom Pencil Case:
When it comes to everyday uses in my pencil case, I usually opt for a makeup bag or the pouch in my backpack. Back in December, my cousin got me this adorable Anthropologie Pencil Case that I can’t stop loving. I have been eyeing it for a while for its adorable sayings on the top. I get compliments about it almost every day and it fits perfectly with everything!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Prom Dress Search ft. Aisle Style

The prom dress search has officially begun for high school students! I have been searching practically every day looking for the perfect gown for the night. Although being the OCD person that I am, I have decided to start searching for the dress even though my Prom isn’t until the end of May. At my school, it’s a pretty big deal for girls and their prom dresses when finding the perfect one. One of my favorite sites that I have been searching on is Aisle Style. They have some of the most gorgeous bridesmaid and prom dresses that totally could work for any special occasion.

Find the red dress here and blue dress here.

My favorite styles that I so far love from the site are their bridesmaid dresses, 2017 bridesmaid dresses, along with their short bridesmaid dresses too. All of the items in the sections are perfect and also can be used multiple times for different occasions. Many people don’t think to look in Bridesmaid sections for dresses, but often you can find great gowns that work amazingly for prom.

Another great part about Aisle Style is the different options they offer. They have a wide variety of plus sized dresses along with long and special occasion dresses. Since this is my senior prom, I have to wear a long-styled dress and currently eyeing this one from Aisle Style in lavender.

If you aren’t in high school or looking for prom dresses, Aisle Style has an amazing selection of wedding party dresses and special occasion. These types of styles can definitely be perfect for a banquet, special dinner or anything of that realm.

Sponsored by Aisle Style.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekly List V. 22

Compared to last week, this week has definitely been much slower. I ended up catching a cold and didn’t feel well most of the week. I spent most of the time working on some fun content (Keep your eye out this upcoming week!) and school work. Slowly but surely my energy is coming back and ready to take on the week!

Spring break planning has also been a big portion of my week. I’m happy to announce that I will be going to San Francisco in two weeks and I couldn't be more excited. I can’t truly say that I have been to San Francisco, so I am super excited to explore the city!

FIRST // New Day Designers Released
Me being the planner nerd, I have been keeping my eye on the new Day Designer releases. On Wednesday, they released their Midyear designs which are to die for! They are so fun with the bright patterns that it’s too hard to pick!

SECOND // Planoly Interviews with Social Media influencers
When it comes to blogging and social media scheduling, the Planoly app is a huge factor. With hearing so much about the app from so many people I decided to give it a try and ended up loving it. On the Planoly blog, they interview different people who work anything from fashion bloggers to Spoon University from Refinery29. I love reading their interviews and seeing what their big tips are when it comes to Instagram planning. These are some of my favorites brands they talked to were Warby Parker, Huffington Post, Jewels of NY, and Spoon University.

THIRD // Spring Inspired Wallpaper
Kelly from Kiki & Co. Creative was my amazing blog designer who revamped my blog earlier this month. She has an amazing eye for design and truly is amazing at her work. Kelly also has a blog and recently posted this post including a beautiful wallpaper design. I currently have it as my computer background and it is perfect for spring!

FOURTH // Apple Watch bands
I use my Apple Watch every single day, and I try to find and switch up straps that go well with my outfits. So far, I have been using this one since it’s simple. Apple this week released a whole new line of bands and they are the perfect! There is a large assortment and they even came out with a different style of sports bands. I cannot wait to get my hands on this blue one!

FIFTH // Allie’s Disney World Race
One of my good friends Allie accomplished something amazing this Wednesday. There is a Disney World Race where you ride through all four parks, forty-seven rides all within one day. Allie was AMAZING and kicked some major but! With going through her sixteen hour day, she was able to get to forty-five of the rides! Way to go Allie! Check out her tweets here from the big day.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Day In My Life

With being a full-time student and a blogger, I am always having a constant schedule with me. Most of my days are planned out to the nines but sometimes they bring me surprises. I always love reading about people spend their days, thus I’m bringing you into mine! I decided to show you my normal Wednesdays. Why I chose Wednesday? Two reasons: First being that my school days are shorter so in the mornings I’m able to fit more in. Second being that my after school routine almost never changes on this day. Let me know in the comments bellow what you do after your work or school day!

Photo was taken by Claudia Crivello.

| Wednesday |

7:00 am - Wake Up

7:10 am - Brush teeth, Skincare Routine and fix hair

7:30 am - Eat breakfast

7:45 am - Double check my bag and get dressed

8:00 am - Make bed and then get started on my to-do list for the day

8:30 am - Leave for School

9:00 am to 2:45 pm am - School time!

2:45 pm to 4:00 pm - Start HW early and get ready for Bar Method

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm - Bar Method Class

6:00 pm - Stop by Grandma’s and start HW

8:00 pm - Head home

8:30 pm - Finish any homework and shower

9:30 pm - Lights out

What is your daily routine?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly List V.21

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been nothing but jam packed with school and extracurriculars. I cannot wait for school today to end and to officially kick off the weekend! I really have nothing planned for this weekend except for Bar Method classes and school work.

I’m honestly really ready for the weekend to partially get back into my regular groove. Since this week was so busy, I fell out of my regular groove with my planner and my overall organization. Saturday morning I'm planning on sitting down and planning out the next week with everything so I can get ready to conquer!

FIRST //  Tuckernuck new arrivals
New season means new arrivals! Tuckernuck has always been a favorite of mine and truly has some of the best closet pieces that can be used as great staples. I’m a really big fan of their accessories but I recently have been loving all of their new items. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new arrivals: this top, these shoes, this rain jacket, and this dress.

SECOND // Dashline App
With redoing my blog earlier this month, I really wanted to amp up the security. I never truly knew where to start with it. I heard about Dashline from some other bloggers and they made it seem it’s an average app. I was surprisingly amazed at a lot of features that they have. One of my favorite things that they offer is the password generator. I am absolutely terrible when it comes to picking and making passwords and this does it for you! I highly suggest trying it out!

THIRD // Erin Condren Planner Release
If you know me, you know I am a huge planner geek. Over the past four years, I have gotten and tried out many different planners. Currently I am using my Passion Planner, but still always have been a fan of Erin Condren. The Erin Condren team recently released that they will be unveiling the new 2017-2018 planners May 1st. Even though I don’t use Erin Condren planners, I’m super curious to see them and possibly might try them out!

FOURTH // J.Crew National Stripes Day

Everyone has been obsessing over the fact that J.Crew released that March 31st is the official National Stripes Day! I have way too many striped items from tops to shoes! I have something exciting coming up with content and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

How I found the perfect planner

    Organization is a very big thing in my life and as I have gotten older I have become extremely OCD and have to have the schedule for the day. Once I moved back to California in middle school, many kids were using planners which was something that my teachers never implemented before. When I got into high school, more and more kids were getting into planners which actually helped with being motivated. During my first two years of high school, every girl was obsessed with Erin Condren. And I will have to admit, I was too. The amount of money that I spent each month is insane and was getting out of hand. (Plus I was getting a bit tired of seeing the same planner everywhere)

    In October of this past year, I wanted to try something different and splurged on getting a Passion Planner. I heard so much about it from bloggers that I wanted to try it myself. I was surprised the minute it came in the mail. The way that you are able to set up goals

   The setup of this planner is absolutely amazing. You can either purchase a dated or blank planner and then choose if you want the week to start on Sunday or Monday. This year I went for Sunday with a dated version and I don’t think I would ever change it. Before using this planner I never truly utilized Sunday for planning and now all I look forward to is Sunday!

   As for the week, they are broken into daily columns with half hour segments. This really comes in hand when I am putting in appointments and organizing my self for the week with assignments and general things to do. Another great feature is the Personal & Work to-do list. This is AMAZING when you are trying to narrow down what your main tasks for the week.

Long term
    The goal planning in the beginning is truly one of my favorite factors of it. It took me roughly around 3 days for me to finally narrow down what I wanted to focus on. I love having my major goals set up in the beginning and then once the new month hits I can implement them together.

   The color and leather options that Passion Planners easily can fit into anyone's lifestyle. Since this is my first one, I opted for the plain black one. But I recently purchased this one for college and I cannot wait to start using it! Plus some planners have designs in them that can totally change the look!

The story
   Passion Planner was created by Angelia Trinidad (a UCLA graduate) back in 2013. Since creating the Passion Planner, the sell and ship over 2,00 each day and even created a free version to allow people to print and plan in whatever way they want to. Learn more about Anna’s story and inspiration for the planner here.

Creating my system
   I do have to give credit to this amazing tool to help me find and create my system. Since using this planner, I have created a system of using this and Google Calendar to create optimum usage. It really helps when being on the go yet still being able to write it down physically. Let me know if you want me to go more in depth with my Google Calendar system and such!

This planner really have been a lifesaver this past school year for me. Since I originally thought that I wouldn’t like it, it amazes even more how much I do! Passion Planner has such a great message to people and really helps bring your full creativity to the table. I highly suggest trying out this planner and testing out other brands to find what works best for you.

What planner do you use?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly List V.20

Spring time is really hear finally! This whole week I have been soaking up the California sun and have been able to wear tank tops finally. Spring time is the best and I honestly cannot wait to start wearing more dresses and less sweatshirts!

A little pop of color for spring!

Last weekend was so much fun with everything I had in store. Like I said in last weeks post, I went to my best friends Debutante Ball in Beverly Hills and had loads of fun. This was my first ball and had no idea what to expect. Our table was so excited when she was announced that I ended up losing my voice (whoops!).

Other than the weekend fun, my week has been nothing short of working on science fair papers and poster boards and of course college decision waiting. I have heard back already from four of my schools and by the end of today I will hear back from three more! Wish me luck! :)

FIRST - My new glasses
  I finally went for it and got new glasses! I have been eyeing these Warby Parker frames for a while and did the home try on. They have the perfect amount of tortoise design in them and go well with my style. I have a pretty strong prescription and Warby Parker was amazing with accommodating with my needs. I highly recommend them when it comes to getting new frames!

SECOND - Emily Ley Wallpaper for iPhones
 WIth all of my time spent on my phone with editing articles on the go, I have been trying hard to clean up my iPhone. I seem to always have trouble finding aw good wallpaper that I love and can actually stick with. I recently saw that Emily Ley comes out with a new wallpaper each month and I have been obsessed! Her March wallpaper is the cutest and goes perfectly with spring. Click here to download the March wallpaper.

THIRD - Soul Cycle Army Love Collection
  I’m a pretty avid Soul Cycle rider and I get so excited whenever their new monthly collection rolls around.This month their theme is “Army Love” and showcasing everything empowerment and love for this month. Their merch for it is super cute and I already splurged on a couple items because I loved the message. On Wednesday they even tied it into the Woman's Day and couldn't have been more amazing!

FOURTH - Gal Meets Glam Charleston Guide
  Julia from Gal Meets Glam (AKA the queen of blogging) recently uploaded a Charleston Guide this past week. I have a possible chance for visiting Charleston in the next couple of weeks for college visits and I have been non-stop going to her blog for inspiration. She gave amazing recommendations to coffee shops all the way to hotels. If you ever are planning on checking out the town, be sure to head to her blog for some good ideas.

FIFTH - Tory Burch Campaign
  Within the Woman’s Day on Wednesday, Tory Burch launched their “Embrace Ambition” Campaign. Tory Burch Foundation is amazing when it comes to helping women achieving their goals and being the best they can. They had amazing woman and men promoting the campaign from Leila Ali to John Hamm! I love how inspiring each and every woman are and how they all are for women equality. They also are having campaign merchandise where a portion of the money goes to another all women corporations. Be sure to look into it and support!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gingham for Spring

Spring is slowly starting to come here in California and I can’t hardly wait! We have been getting some rain lately here, but it’s slowly getting warmer and warmer. I have been trying to get out of my usual winter clothes and start bringing in my bright colors. I purchased this adorable gingham top and paired it with these white toothpick jeans. I’m a huge fan of white jeans during spring time and thought the colors complemented perfectly. Since it’s still a bit chilly, I wore my favorite coat. J.Crew has been killing it when it comes to spring time clothing and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Photos taken by Claudia Crivello.

Top // Jeans // Coat // Shoes


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