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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Day In My Life

With being a full-time student and a blogger, I am always having a constant schedule with me. Most of my days are planned out to the nines but sometimes they bring me surprises. I always love reading about people spend their days, thus I’m bringing you into mine! I decided to show you my normal Wednesdays. Why I chose Wednesday? Two reasons: First being that my school days are shorter so in the mornings I’m able to fit more in. Second being that my after school routine almost never changes on this day. Let me know in the comments bellow what you do after your work or school day!

Photo was taken by Claudia Crivello.

| Wednesday |

7:00 am - Wake Up

7:10 am - Brush teeth, Skincare Routine and fix hair

7:30 am - Eat breakfast

7:45 am - Double check my bag and get dressed

8:00 am - Make bed and then get started on my to-do list for the day

8:30 am - Leave for School

9:00 am to 2:45 pm am - School time!

2:45 pm to 4:00 pm - Start HW early and get ready for Bar Method

4:45 pm - 5:45 pm - Bar Method Class

6:00 pm - Stop by Grandma’s and start HW

8:00 pm - Head home

8:30 pm - Finish any homework and shower

9:30 pm - Lights out

What is your daily routine?

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