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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Big & Small Goals of 2017

With this being my last high school semester (Ahh!!) and going to be starting college in the fall, 2017 will definitely be a year I will remember. And what better way then with some things I would like to try and accomplish? Usually, I go overboard with what I want to be my goals for the year and never actually commit to them. But this year I wanted to focus on six core things that I wanted to work on: Money, Social Media, Reading, Classes, and Style. All of these have a backstory to why I’m choosing them and are definitely things that I’m excited to start improving on!

Smart with money - This in a way is a new thing to me but has definitely been a learning experience. Ever since I started working, I have had to really budget my money. From paying college applications to going out with friends, I definitely realized how much it all adds up. But with a new year, I’m definitely ready to start saving and being practical with my money. If you have any tips or websites that help, please send them my way!

Grow Social Media - With my new blog design, my goal this year is to really try reaching more of my audience members. My ultimate goal for this part of blogging is to grow my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I’d like to get more followers and to connect more with all of the audience members from each platform. I have already beat one of my “mini” goals for the year which was to finally reach 1,000 Instagram followers. Hopefully, I will surpass that by the end of the year!

Read More -  In my English class, we started a lit circle group (basically a mini book club) where we were able to pick a book from a list that our teacher gave us and have discussions. I was a little bit skeptical about if I would actually keep up with it, but boy was I wrong! The book we are reading is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini and I am in love with it!! Definitely, a must read in my opinion but really took me back in the days where I was obsessed with reading. Thus, this sparked my interest in following along with a book club this year. I’m going to attempt to follow along with Paper & Glam’s 2017 book club. Her list has some really great titles that have me really interested!

Try new classes - Now this one is a fun one! I have so many ideas of things I want to try and truthfully could not be more excited. The first one at the top of my list is taking a calligraphy class. I have been trying to work on my penmanship but definitely, want to work on cursive and decorative writing. Hopefully, this will be in the near future! I also wanted to take more exercise classes that are different. I took a leap a couple of years ago and tried Soul Cycle (and LOVED it!) but I want to branch out to more! Maybe aerial arts? Yoga? Who knows!

Style - Ever since I started buying more and more clothes, I have realized that I never stayed with one style. If you know me personally, nine times out of ten you will find me in Lululemon's and a hoodie at school (not joking at all). But this year I really want to work my style and starting sticking to the things I like. Buying more key pieces to my wardrobe and start building it! Hopefully, once I get my closet together, I will for sure share it with y’all!

Bonus: Live life - Senior year, you have so much in store to come and I could not be more excited! With the senior trips, college decisions, and so on, there are so many things to look forward too! And of course, I’ll be taking you along the way. :)

What are some of your new year resolutions?

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