Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly List V.21

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been nothing but jam packed with school and extracurriculars. I cannot wait for school today to end and to officially kick off the weekend! I really have nothing planned for this weekend except for Bar Method classes and school work.

I’m honestly really ready for the weekend to partially get back into my regular groove. Since this week was so busy, I fell out of my regular groove with my planner and my overall organization. Saturday morning I'm planning on sitting down and planning out the next week with everything so I can get ready to conquer!

FIRST //  Tuckernuck new arrivals
New season means new arrivals! Tuckernuck has always been a favorite of mine and truly has some of the best closet pieces that can be used as great staples. I’m a really big fan of their accessories but I recently have been loving all of their new items. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new arrivals: this top, these shoes, this rain jacket, and this dress.

SECOND // Dashline App
With redoing my blog earlier this month, I really wanted to amp up the security. I never truly knew where to start with it. I heard about Dashline from some other bloggers and they made it seem it’s an average app. I was surprisingly amazed at a lot of features that they have. One of my favorite things that they offer is the password generator. I am absolutely terrible when it comes to picking and making passwords and this does it for you! I highly suggest trying it out!

THIRD // Erin Condren Planner Release
If you know me, you know I am a huge planner geek. Over the past four years, I have gotten and tried out many different planners. Currently I am using my Passion Planner, but still always have been a fan of Erin Condren. The Erin Condren team recently released that they will be unveiling the new 2017-2018 planners May 1st. Even though I don’t use Erin Condren planners, I’m super curious to see them and possibly might try them out!

FOURTH // J.Crew National Stripes Day

Everyone has been obsessing over the fact that J.Crew released that March 31st is the official National Stripes Day! I have way too many striped items from tops to shoes! I have something exciting coming up with content and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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