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Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly List V.23

Happy Spring Break! I am so happy to officially say that my spring break started this morning, and I cannot wait for the fun to start happening. Today I’m excited especially because my best friend and I are heading to Culver City and shopping the Soul Cycle Warehouse sale. Soul Cycle has amazing clothing quality since most of their items are made through Lulu Lemon or Nike. I’m going to be posting on my Instagram Stories the whole day, so make sure you follow me!

FIRST // Whole30 This year I have been working hard at controlling what eat and what I do to exercise and maintain my body. I have looked into diets and such and seeing what my options are. Sally from Sweetly, wrote this fantastic article all on Whole30. I never truly knew what Whole30 was about before until reading it. I have been so fascinated with it and highly suggest everyone reading her more into it. I’m considering doing it, but it will take a lot for me to give up all of my Starbucks drinks… SECOND // Museum of Ice Cream is coming to LA My friends and I have been making a long list of all of the things we should do together before leaving off to college, and one of them being going to a fun museum. Initially, we didn’t know what that was going to be and hoped something out pop up in LA. We lucked out because earlier this week they announced that The Museum of Ice Cream is coming to LA! One of my friends visited in New York and said it was incredible and I could not be more excited! THIRD // 15 Things to remind yourself this week article This week was my school play’s tech week which brought a lot of emotions and stress on top of my normal life. Although I have been through these tech weeks a ton of times, it still is hard to get used to when being in the mix of it. One of my favorite bloggers, Hallie from Among Other Things, wrote this fantastic article on 15 Things to Remind Yourself this Week. This article honestly couldn’t have come at a perfect time and gave some great advice.

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