Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Years Resolutions - Update

This year keeps on going by faster and really is starting to feel real. If you asked me back in January, I still would think that I’m a junior in high school, but in reality, for today I’m graduating in less than two months!
I wanted to really keep accountable for this year's goals and as promised to do an update. Back when I announced what the six goals, I really wanted them to be things that are achievable and aren’t realistic. Most of these I have been able to keep or able to manage, but some I need to actually sit down and create a game plan to start implementing them in my life.

Smart with Money // So far I have been taking y'all suggestions and using the Mint app. Although not everything matches up with me since it's built for someone who has much more experience in purchasing bigger things, It's an excellent tool. It helps me really be accountable when it comes to going out and managing my purchases.

Grow on Social Media - This was actually a big step for me! I really wanted to up my social media and even hired a person to help manage it with me. Although I might not have been able to stick with it, it still allowed me to grow and get a better sense when connecting with my audience. But I hope there will growing more in the future.

Read More // I will admit, this is one that I haven’t done at all. I have been following along with the Paper & Glam 2017 Book Club, but it soon started to creep up on me with my school work. I don’t see myself having a ton of time to relax and have some reading time, but I will be doing a big catch up on the list in June!

Try a new class // One of my greatest idea! Each month I wanted to try something new with classes and has been something that I love exploring. In January I took a Calligraphy class online through Brit + Co that helped so much with improving my skills. Then in February I took my very first Bar Method class and LOVED it (Blog post to come soon about it)!

Grow my style // Seasons changing really helped me improve my wardrobe and was able to get me a little cash to put more towards it. I am a big fan of Poshmark and really love how easy it is to send things and get money for unwanted clothes. This also actually allows me to put that money towards new trends that I want to start wearing and promote on the blog!

Live life // Shockingly this is one that I have been really doing a lot. Senioritis has gradually been seeping into my head. Just the other day instead of doing homework, I headed to the beach with my best friends for a sunset watch on the beach. We had the best evening, and while sitting there with them, I knew I wanted to do more of this before we left for college.

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