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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Warby Parker Glasses

      I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade and have gone through dozens of pairs. When I was little, I would only pick the most colorful glasses and didn’t care what it looked like as long as it was pink. As I got older, I decided to pick more practical ones, and once high school came along, I started to care. I will admit that I have taken pretty bad care of my glasses over the years, but this year I was determined to keep them in perfect condition. 

      When getting my new pair, I decided not to get the boring ones from my optician, and instead, I went with Warby Parker. I was so amazed at their service and what they offered that I ended up getting these pairs. I have blown away with the quality that I had to review them and share them with y’all!

 Excellent Service || I decided to purchase these online since I don’t have a store that is relatively close to me. They were incredible with helping me pick out the pair and fix anything that I was concerned about.

Home Try-On || I did this back in December and loved how convenient it was for them to try. I wanted to try something new, so I picked a wide variety of glasses that were fun and yet practical. I would suggest everyone doing this so that you get a better idea with your style and everyday life.

Wide Variety || Warby Parker has such a fantastic option selection that there is one for every person. I picked these because of their color yet how they go with my style and personality.

Higher Strength Options || This is a fun fact, but I am legally blind and have been for a while. I have one of the worst prescriptions possible and can be hard for me to find glasses that can fix that thick of a lense. Warby Parker accommodates it perfectly and offers a better resolution of the lense to fit my needs!

If you are ever in need of glasses, be sure to check out Warby Parker!

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