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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring & Summer Essentials

   Shopping for this new season has been something I am getting excited for lately. With all of the new trends and styles coming out, it's hard sometimes to narrow down what you specifically like. With warmer weather, I usually like to stick to my essentials when shopping since I know they will get good use out of them. So today I wanted to share my five essentials for spring and summer along with my picks from my favorite stores!

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Espadrilles - Who doesn't love a good pair of espadrilles? I always go to my favorite white and black espadrilles because I know that they will instantly brighten up any outfit. Even with an everyday look, they can bring so much color and personality. Recently I have been adoring wedged versions of espadrilles and would be perfect for a party of some sort.

My picks: J.Crew, ASOS, and Gap

Cover Up’s - When it comes to going to the beach, my friends and I always opt for going to grab a bite to eat after. Although most of the restaurants are by the ocean, many don’t allow people to walk in with swimsuits. I always bring a cover up for backup and usually love for them to be flowy and easy to upon in a snap.

My picks:  Francesca's, Club Monaco, and J.Crew

Sun hat - I have always had a love and hate relationship when it comes to hats, but lately, I have loved them. I usually will go for a baseball hat since I’m working out when needing one, but I have been loving wicker or straw hats. They instantly add a relaxed vibe to the outfit that can be perfect for any outfit.

My picks: Gap, J.Crew, and Anthropologie

Go-to Dress - Whether you're heading to a barbecue or to grab ice cream with the girls, it’s important to have a dress you know that you can wear practically anywhere. With me being the stripe lover I am, I usually gravitate toward any stripe dress I can find. But lately and embroidering detail has been catching my eye a lot!

Sunscreen - Skincare is a must when the weather is warm! No matter what type of skin you have, it is crucial when being out in the sun to protect your natural skin. I love to apply any tinted moisturizer to help keep a base and still give my skin some SPF love!

My picks: IT Cosmetics, Tarte, and Boscia

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