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Friday, April 21, 2017

Whats in Purse

It’s no secret that I am a lover of bags. I have a weird obsession with them and love to collect new styles. With changing my bags often, I have it pretty down pat of what my necessities I need to bring in them.

Wallet - I keep this on the smaller size and try not to get big wallets since I own smaller bags. I recently just bought this one, and it fits perfectly in all of my bags! Keeping my wallet to a smaller size really helps me keep only the important and necessary things.

Emergency Bag - This holds anything from girl products to a nail clipper. I try to keep it pretty updated because everything in this pouch I have used. I keep bandaids, Post-it note, spare pen, travel size Clorox wipes, and medicine. When creating your emergency pouch, it’s best to put more and know that

Lip Balm - My lips are constantly chapped. No matter what season, or what time of day, they will for sure be chapped. I usually go for a heavy duty lip balm, but lately, I have been loving the Glossier Balm Dot Com. It is super slim and fits everywhere plus has the best consistency.

Headphones - Necessity!!

Backup Charger -  My phone is constantly dying and I’m not really looking into paying another $100 for a charging phone case. I always have a spare charger with me and it comes pretty handily!

Glasses Case - Years past I have taken terrible care of my glasses. I barely cleaned them and really didn’t take the time to take care of them. This year I was determined to get new glasses and keep them in fantastic condition. I do this by always having a glasses case with me and clean them around every so often usually.

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