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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bar Method Love

Working out has never been something I have enjoyed. I danced for almost fourteen years and loved every minute of it up until my Sophomore year. It started to get really expensive, and I had to end up quitting. For my whole entire Junior year, I didn’t do anything working out wise, and I started to really not feel like myself. It wasn't until August of this past year where I was determined to find something that I loved. Thus how I found Bar Method! I saw many ads’s and heard such good benefits from Barre classes.

I remember taking my first class back in January and being completely obsessed. I fell in love with the movements and everything about it that I immediately signed up. It’s the first time in a couple of years that I finally found something that I love and can’t help but promote it to others!

The Staff is Amazing || This is a great quality I look for in business, and I can’t help but praise them in everything. Their instructors are phenomenal and really take the time to make sure you are supported. I have many injuries that restrain me from doing some movements, and they are so gracious to help me do other things that work my body, but to the extent, it can do it.

Gaining back Flexibility || When going on my workout hiatus, I really missed being flexible. When dancing, I was able to do all of my splits and loved the feeling of being stretched. Within just a week working out, I already had one of my splits back. And now being almost five months in, I can almost do all of them again!

Customized to You || Like I said earlier, I have many past injuries that I have to take really good caution when it comes to working out. I thought that this would be a problem when it comes to doing it but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't! The instructors help manage and teach you what to do instead if you have an injury yet still pushing you in the workout.

All Body Workout || This is a big thing I loved about. In dance, I loved out everything was a full body workout no matter what thing we were doing. This is exactly right with Bar Method! Another major factor is that every class is completely different. Yes, you do the same sort of things in order (ex. Arms first and then onto thigh) but different exercises each time.

If you've never tried Bar Method or any sort of Barre class, I would highly suggest!

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