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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Simply Saturday V.27

This week has been a lot since the reveal of my college announcement. Monday was the same day that I announced to both my friends and family on Facebook and such about choosing College of Charleston for the next four years. I was overwhelmed with joyous amounts of love from both people in my personal and the blogging community. I can’t say thank you enough for all the support y'all have brought to my life!

Most of this week consisted of AP testing (snor) and dorm prep. My roommate Beth and I have been searching for the perfect combination of colors and such for our room. We currently have a Pinterest board we have been collaborating together on, but I have been updating my Pinterest a lot with some other room inspiration! Other than college related stuff, summer is right around the corner! I am going on so many trips this summer, and I couldn't be more ecstatic to take you on them. Be on the lookout for them!


    Carnation Earrings || These beauties have been on my want list ever since I started working. They are adorable and have the cutest detail. Not to mention that all five colors are lovely and are perfect for the upcoming season!

    Graduation Gift Ideas || Carly from The College Prepster posted these adorable gift ideas for graduation, and I cannot agree more! I feel like graduation gifts can be tricky to get, but you can never go wrong with some ideas and then make them more personalized.

    The Perfect Sunny’s || Since I have such a high prescription for my glasses, it can be really hard to me to find sunglasses that are functional and practical for me. Warby Parker blew me away with their eyeglasses, and I’m really excited for the sun to start to come out so I can buy these!!


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