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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I Love My Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner

Dealing with my stubborn hair is something I absolutely dread in the morning. Frizziness is my absolute nightmare and something that I try so hard to control with various different products but end up not working. In the past, I have done different treatments and shampoos that are supposed to help reduce it but never actually worked. One day I saw an ad for Function of Beauty and I was automatically hooked. The idea of Function of Beauty is that you take a hair quiz to fit your hair’s “personality” so that it’s customized to your personal needs. I ended up trying out both their shampoo and conditioner and can’t help but not promoting it!

Washing Suggestion | I always have been curious on how much and often I should be washing my hair to make it better. Beforehand I was doing every other day and didn’t necessarily love the results it had. When I received my first order, they insert a little information packet regarding what your product consists of. They also evaluate what you picked inside for your product and tell you how many times they suggest to wash your hair for long, medium and short hair. They suggested for me five to four times a week (which initially I thought was a lot), but I ended up trying it out. Within just two weeks of using it, I saw an immediate response with my hair and the frizziness going down. And now with using it for more than two months, my hair frizziness is much more tamed than I have ever seen it.

Dye-Free & Fragrance-Free Options | I know a lot of my friends were very skeptical when I talked about the concept of this company. Some of them really wanted to try it out, but many of them are allergic to certain ingredients in the dye’s and have to be cautious. I love that Function of Beauty took that extra step and added those options for customers. You have both options to choose from at the end of your quiz and is something that they take very seriously.

Hair Goals | This has to by far be my favorite thing about this product. Not only do they ask you what type of hair you have now, but they ask you what you want to fix your hair! I love that they offer this and actually have the goals work. Like I said before I picked frizziness control as one of mine and I can already see a large difference. I also picked curl definition and split-ends fix and notice an improving stance from those too!

If you ever were curious to try Function of Beauty, I would highly suggest going for it! If you do end up trying it, click the link here to get $5 off your order!

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