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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Morning Pages

Finding peace in the morning is something that is so crucial when starting off the day. These past few months it was something that I wanted to work on more and started to think of new ways to improve. I try very hard to make my mornings phone free and it's much more relaxing, but I still was looking for something to improve it some more.

A couple of months back I stumbled upon one of my favorite Youtuber's (Lavendair) video on morning pages. Me being the curious person I am going through the video and was so eager to try this method of journaling. Ever since then I have been so on top of doing morning pages whether it's on my phone or a regular journal.

What is morning pages you ask? Let me give you the low down.

Essentially, morning minutes is a time where you take around 20 to 30 minutes in your morning routine to write down anything. But that catch is that you can't stop writing at all and have to keep going until the time is up.

Although it freaked me out that I was going to quit immediately since I thought I couldn't last those few minutes, I was pleasantly shocked. I sometimes look forward to that time to take off so I can vent or just write about anything I'm feeling. Sometimes I like to type it up because it reminds me of blogging and can help me create blogging ideas. But other days I prefer the good old pen and paper to be my trusty sidekick through those few minutes.

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your morning routine, I highly suggest trying this out! I am hooked on this idea, and can't help but share it with my lovely readers!

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