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Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Goals

Every new season I love setting new goals for myself. I really keep myself accountable and try to document htem with photos and even blog posts. And with this being the first summer without a giant  load of school work (*insert happy dance*), I'm looking forward to try new places and to start working on projects and goals for my upcoming school year in college.

Usually my goal list turns into a bucket list really quickly since I have so many different places to try and things to do, but this year is much different. I kept it to a simple five goals to work on - save, explore, try, expand, and prep. All of these have a bunch of subtasks and more specific things to do. So let's dive in!

Save | With getting a new job (and potentially another one) I have been really focusing on saving up for emergencies and my personal epenses. I'm planning on working through college and I really want to start saving up for when I need the money in August or other times. My budget has really been my best friends and is something that I truly stick by.

Explore | Los Angeles is such a big city with so much to offer, and this summer I'm determined to do so much! My friends and I have been creating a list for months of things we want to do with each other and we can't wait to start putting the into action! (Many of them are roadtrips and I can't hardly wait!)

Try | I'm usually a person who sticks to things that I like and never trys antyhing new. This year I'm determined to work on three different areas of my life - skincare, hair, and makeup. All of these I'm not the best in and don't really know much about. But I have a few classes and products to try out to find my best reiman for each of them. I'm hopeing to share with y'all my experminetation with the hits and misses of them!

Expand | My blog is something I truly want to focus on fixing, learning, growing from. I have a ton of mini goals for myself to work on and start once I graduate. I have some amazing ideas for posts and different projects to start on. One fo them is something a reader suggested to me - longer posts! Before I tended to stick with 300 or 400 works max, but this summer I want to expand that!

Prep | College starts for me in mid-August and I coulden't be more filled with mixed emotions. I'm goning to be travaling across the country from my family and I really want to make the transition as smooth as possible. This means anything from transfering my job to shopping for my new room. If you have any suggestions on things I should prepare for during this big move, let me know!

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