Monday, July 31, 2017

San Fran Snaps

This past weekend was amazing! I have never been to San Francisco so this was quite an interesting and fun time. My aunt knew I had never been so this has been a vacation plan for a while now. We finally decided on a time and brought a long a few family members for the ride.

We drove the 7-hour trip and it was a great time! We made a few pit stops in Santa Clara and Santa Barbra before making the long haul up the state. As for sleeping wise, we stayed at an Air B&B in Alameda which is the cutest city. It's a little island off of Oakland that has the most charming houses and little town. It was not too far from San Fran and from anywhere which was a major plus. That's pretty much for the background, but now onto the pictures!

Santa Barbara

This place I can't get enough of. The city is stunning with the architecture and history that it's too much to see. We only stopped for about two hours but I tried to remember the things I saw when I was little. We ate at Eureka! which was this great healthy burger place in the main plaza. It was so tasty and had by far the best sweet potato fries the whole trip!

Lombard Street

I am a really big city girl, so when it came to beautiful homes in a city with a killer view - I'm in. Lombard Street is so fun to see yet at the same time intriguing. We got stuck in traffic within in it so we really got to see all of the houses up close. Definitely a must in San Fran!

Golden Gate Bridge

STUNNING! Even with the fog, we got to see such an amazing view of it! We first went down below near a children's museum, but later we tried one more time up top! Near sunset time it started to clear up and the view was impeccable.

Palace of Fine Arts
Just when this city couldn't get any better it did. I am a sucker for beautiful architecture and this was such a stunning building we couldn't pass. With the quiet little lake near it, it made for the most peaceful afternoon stroll after the Golden Gate. Not to mention that the homes around it at #Goals. 

Napa Valley
Our last stop, Napa Valley! This little area up north is such an amazing and charming place. We stopped at only two winery's - Berringer & Inglenook. Both had such breathtaking views and grounds that we couldn't pass. I personally would say that Inglenook was my favorite (the last couple of pictures). The grounds reminded me so much of France that I hardly could believe we were still in California! For lunch my aunt had us go to her favorite restaurant - Grotts! This is a must do in Napa. The lines might be a bit intimidating but it is so delicious (and healthy!)

That's all folks! I had such an amazing trip and I honestly can't wait to go back! Let me know if you have recommendations of favorites things for San Fran!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Whats in my Summer Bag

It has been one hectic summer for me! With balencing two jobs, meeting up with friends, Internship with Function of Beauty, and soaking up my last few weeks in California - it's been a lot to say the least. I definitely find my self overbooking my days with so many things since I have so little of time. Most of the times I have to pre-pack everything the day before just so I am ready. I don't have a car and mostly take Lyfts from place to place, which basically means that if I ever need to bring anything - I'm carrying it for the rest of the day. Thus why I needed a purse that would be big and functional for everything. I opt usually for my classic Longchamp Large Le Pliage tote bag. I know a lot of people have them, but they are amazing! The bag holds so much and is super easy to match with outfits. 

I carry way too much with me everyday, but I wanted to share with y'all my essentials for everyday! If you have any recommendations please let me know! 

Cuyana Wallet | This wallet is my newest obsession! I went for the blush pink color and I can't get enough of it along with my gold monogram. The size is perfect and fits in any purse that I have. Not to mention it only has four card slots so I only carry my super important cards with me and keep the rest in this little pouch.

Bar Method Socks | I've been working out so much lately and usually I'm in so much of a rush to my classes I always forget to pack something. Bar Method is my favorite workout so I always try to keep another pair of socks with me at all times just in case.

Grab Bag | I keep some mini emergency items in a Glossier bubble wrap bag. Everything in it are things that I use on the daily. I have a insane amount of hair ties, gum, pens and pencil, hand sanitizer, a few gift cards, and some back up jewelry. I also have a spare computer charging cable, Apple Watch cable and iPhone charger.

Water Bottle | One of my mini goals for the summer was to drink more water like I used too. I recently got a new S'Well bottle and it's so cute! The periwinkle color is perfect for the summer and adding a pop of color.

Drybar Hairbrush | When I workout in the morning, I usually take showers at Bar Method since I might have work or something later on. I only ever brush my hair when it's wet, so it's crucial that I have one on hand with me!

Glossier Sunscreen | This stuff is amazing and makes a big difference with your day to day skincare. I got it about a two weeks ago and have been applying it every morning. I take skin care very seriously and stick to my regimen, but love how it makes my skin less dry and protected for the summer sun!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Charleston in 50 Hours

The time finally came... I got to visit Charleston!

For those of you who don't know, I will be attending the College of Charleston in this upcoming fall as a freshman. When picking the school, I fell in love the charm and all of the amazing things it has to offer. When it came to visiting the school, I never was able to at all. Since it's becoming a bigger tourist area, the tickets where more then a thousand. I took a lot of advice from different students there and eventually committed without seeing the school. I know, I know. That sounds crazy. But when it comes to a very very time sensitive decision, you have to go with your gut.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I got to visit for Orientation! It was a little bit scary, nerve-racking but brought a lot of relief. I know a couple people requested my itinerary for what I did in my few days there. You ask, and you shall receive!

P.S - I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but definitely wasn't able to take as many as I wanted too.


Sunday - 5:00pm | Finally landed after a day full of traveling. Charleston doesn't have a direct flight from Los Angeles so I had one major stop which had a super long layover. For the first day traveling and staying in Charleston, I was alone. My mom came Monday afternoon so it was interesting finally getting to navigate an airport on my own. Luckily I was texting my roommate Beth and we started to coordinate meeting once I landed.

Sunday - 5:45 pm | Arrived at the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and I definitely would recommend. The hotel is in perfect distance for walking everywhere and we only took an Uber twice the whole trip (and that was only to the airport!)

Sunay - 6:30 | Freshen up + Meet Beth. I took about a hour or so to get ready and then Beth and her friend met me at my hotel. We walked over to dinner and we took King Street. Even though we were in the north-isa side of King Street, I was already starting to fall in love with the city. The charm in all of the building captivates you and are stunning.

Sunday - 8:00 pm | Dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We opted for a pizza place that was pretty good. The building is two stories and is super cool inside. The hostess offered to take us upstairs where they were having trivia night. We ate our dinner and enjoyed the time (and of course, watched some trivia.)

Sunday - 10:00 pm | Once finally leaving the restaurant, we walked downstairs and quickly realized that is was pouring rain. I did have my rain jacket on me but this type of rain was nothing that I expected. There was no way I could have survived walking back to my hotel, so Beth's mom was sweet enough to come pick us up. After that we went back to the hotel and had some much needed zzz's!


Monday - 8:00 am | Orientation time! This took a majority of our time this day. Beth and I were in our orientation from 8 am until 2 pm. But within that time we walked around, went to a couple of seminars, and was able to go to our advising session for our classes.

Monday - 4:00 pm | My mom arrived sometime around this time, so after one of my seminars I walked back to the hotel to meet up with her. After the hotel we met Beth and her family at the Ale House restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is pretty cool with it being on the third floor of the building and having an awesome view. The food was also bomb so we definitely ate well.

Monday - 6:00 pm | Walk around campus. By this time it started to cool down a bit, so we walked over to the college after dinner. My mom haven't seen campus yet so I wanted to show her before it got dark. I never get tired of walking through that campus one bit. The cistern is so beautiful and I can't believe I get to call this my home away from home!


Tuesday - 8:00 am | Bright and early for second day! Our first thing on our agenda for the day was to register for our classes. I got mostly what I wanted and have a pretty good selection. I do have an 8 am each morning (which I don't mind at all since I'm an early riser) and end each day at 2 pm the latest! 

Tuesday - 11:00 am | After being done with class picking, I headed over to our families and then we went down King Street. We did a bit of shopping and I got to get familiar with what will be near our dorm. I also was able to stop into J.Crew and speak to my possible new co-workers!

Tuesday - 12:30 pm | My mom and I went back to our hotel to check out and left our bags there. We then met up again with Beth's family and got some lunch. We went to the famous Justine's kitchen for some delicious food. We got super lucky and didn't have to wait a minute for a spot which is amazing! 

Tuesday - 1:30 pm | By this time, we started to head to the activities fair near the Library. It was super good since I was able to finally speak and talk to the clubs and organizations that I have been thinking of joining. Some things I'm considering are the rowing team, journalism/publication, and some sort of faith group.

Tuesday - 3:30 pm | This was the sad part of saying bye! Beth's family and my family parted ways since my mom and I had to head to the airport. I absolutely loved getting to spend these past few days with her and really can't wait to get to know her even more! 

Thats it y'all! Let me know if you have any recommendations for Charleston or questions!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Charleston Packing List

I can't wait for this weekend to begin! I'm finally heading out to visit Charleston for the first time for Orientation on Sunday and I am super excited. I have been dreaming of visiting my school and the town for quite a while and it's becoming so real now! I'm technically only going to be there for three days, but thats plenty of time to explore the area! I'm going to be doing an itinerary for when I get back so be sure to check that out next week. But as for what I'm planning on doing, it's exploring! I already ave a long list of all of the places that I have been wanting to check out there, so I'm hopping I can cross off some! I'm going to be traveling along to Charleston and then meeting up with my roommate for that day. Then orientation is Monday & Tuesday which takes up most of our days, but in the afternoon, my Mom and I are hopping to squeeze in some exploring!

As for packing goes, I'm trying to keep everything like and easy. I'm trying my absolute hardest not to over pack and to stick to what I'm bringing while I'm there. I'm super into jeans and a cute tee right now along with some sandals, so two of my outfits are already that! The weather is going to be pretty warm with a slight change of rain, so I just brought mostly the necessities.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

College Advice - Tips from Blogger Gal Pal's

Hey everyone! I come to you today with a very excited post that I've been working on for a while now. With me going into my first year of college in a month or so, I started to get very anxious of what to expect. I have been asking everyone I know about what to expect and tips they had. Some of them are even my blogger friends and I thought what better way then to share! All of these girls are past their Freshman year and some out of college and were so sweet enough to give us a few tips on what they think was important!

Be sure to give them some love on social media and to check out their sites for even more college related content! 

Karen from | Don't be afraid to join clubs that in areas you're interested in - and go weekly. It can be really terrifying walking into a room full of strangers and committing to go every week, but if you love the cause, going weekly will allow you to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others, so always give a club at least 2-3 weeks if you love what they're doing. I joined a politics club and some of my closest friends from college, I met through that very same club.

Roshni from The Kenyan Nomad | A major change I made in the last few months is to treat savings as  an expense and to make this expense as soon as I have any money coming in. A lot of the time, we may transfer money to savings, but in our minds, we still 'have that money', and so tend to overspend, thinking that savings will cover our expenditures. Savings should be something that are put away and not touched, unless they're being used for a specific goal, like retirement, education, or travel. If you think of savings as an expense, and teach yourself to put money away as soon as you get paid, you'll be able to save quite a lot in no time.

Emily from No Repeats or Hesitations | Don't be afraid to change your major. You might have been wedded to a certain fantasy about majoring in x, but if it doesn't  end up bonding well, it's best not to totally freak out. There are so many different majors out there and everything works out in the end, I promise!

Cecilia from Cecilia | It is so easy to neglect your mental well-being, especially now that you are on your own. Just take advantage of your school's counseling center, and schedule appointments with a therapist or counselor to just talk to them. Mental Health is important but often neglected.

Natalie from The Boston Day Book | I remember my first day as an incoming freshman like it was yesterday. It was so scary to leave home and all that you know and head into the unknown ... but there's also remarkable opportunity into that vulnerability. Be open to the new experiences, the new people (you will meet so many!), and all the life lessons that will come at you along the way. It's going to be such an eye opening experience, and I promise that you'll grow more than you ever deemed possible. And remember to have fun!

Emily from Love Emmarie | TREAT YO SELF - that's right. Take a tip from Tom Haveford (cue parks & rec reference) and treat yourself. I'm not going to give you a certain amount you should study before taking a break because it's different for everyone. Listen to your body. You'll know when you need a break... and I mean a real break (not a "Okay I did 10 flashcards" or "I studied for 30 minutes" break).

Elizabeth from Hey It's Eliz | Leave high school behind. Seriously, no one wants to hear your stories about how you went to the coolest parties in your town or how popular you were. Also, no one is going to judge you if you were a little weird or if you never went out. Once you get to college, people start caring and are a lot more accepting of differences. You'll become friends with people you thought "high school you" would never be friends with and honestly, those are the best types of friends.

Christina from Cuddlepill | My one regret is that I never studied abroad in college. It was easy for me to come up with a million excuses not to go - it would have put me behind in my classes, I didn't have the money at the time, I was afraid to go to another country on my own. I would trade anything to go back and life abroad for a semester. Once you get to the real world, you have a limited number of days you can travel... even though you may have the $$ to do it. Believe me, if you want to go, you can make it work financially. Don't let that hold you back.

And that's all we got folks! I can't thank these amazing ladies for all of their amazing advice and I hope it helps all of the incoming and current college students. Let me know in the comments if you have any more tips or questions!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My High School Experience + Tips

It's still pretty crazy in my mind that I'm finished with high school. Back in October of my Freshman year when I created this blog, I never thought that day would ever come. I always have thought that high school would never end, but thankfully it has! I have to be very honest and say that high school was not something I enjoyed. I love the idea of learning and such but the pressure within these years got to me many times in between and made some years quite bad. This has always been something that I have wanted to share and is something that is definitely requested! You ask and you shall receive! 

| Freshman Year |

A start of new beginnings. I would say this would by far be my most favorite year. I kicked some major butt when it came to academics which I was really surprised about coming out of middle school. I didn't so that many extra curricular this year since I didn't know what my campus offered, but got into the swing of things to apply for the next year.

I will say that Freshman year was the main basis of building relationships with both teachers and friends. I defiantly met many of my best friends in either middle school or within the first week of high school. As for teachers, I started to look around and try to talk to some of them just so they knew more of me. This ended up sprouting relationships with some of my favorite teachers on campus.

{Things I learned}
-Be more open to different people and activities
-Try at least two new things
- Create a steady routine with school work

| Sophomore Year |

I have to be completely honest but Sophomore year is just plain awkward. People are starting to change, courses get harder, and it's just flat out different then Freshman year. I actually was talking to two of my good friends about which grade we thought was the weirdest, and we collectively agreed that Sophomore year won. I personally thinks it's just everyone going through a phase and since we all are starting to get serious with school, it becomes harder. I only remember really struggling with my first AP class along with my first honors course. They were really big jumps for me academically so I had to push my self even harder then before.

{Things I learned}
-Narrow down what you are starting to like
-Focus on core classes

| Junior Year |

No matter what you do, Junior year is incredibly critical and is a big part of your whole high school career. This year I went pretty easy with my courses but added on about two more extra curricular that took up my plate. I definitely felt a ton of pressure with starting to think about the colleges I wanted to apply to and so forth. My stress peaked a lot within this time and I tried my hardest to remain it under control. I didn't notice that I got sick a lot with in this year and I still believe a lot of that took a part in.

But with the added stress, I will say that this was the year I found my bigger love for writing and creating more. I definitely tapped into a lot of my creativeness which is when I started designing and creating more content. 

{Things I learned}
- Classes and standardized testing are critical
-Start looking more into colleges 

| Senior Year |

The summer before senior year was one of the hardest times of my life. I got into a bad situation in my life where I ended up having to stay home more then I thought and not being able to go out. This took a big toll on my self-confidence and my personal health. But once I got back into my school routine, I was mostly back to normal with the added pressure of the college admissions process. With the time I had at home during the summer, I got very ahead with all of my essays and was pretty much done with my main essays mid-october. I finished all of my supplements and the finishing touches about two weeks before Thanksgiving! I was able to go into the holiday seasons with a clear head knowing that my applications were done.

As the year went on, I started to get more relaxed and started to finally feel like a senior. Let me tell you, this is one of the biggest relics that I have felt in a long time. I was able to spend more time with friends, blogging, and so much more. I even got a new job at J.Crew around the end of the year that I'm still in love with! The rest of the year flew by super fast and in a blink of an eye I'm at graduation! 

{Things I learned}
-Go with the flow
-Don't procrastinate (it always ends bad if you do)
-Try to spend more time with friends when finished with college admissions

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any questions regarding high school or anything, feel free to comment bellow.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Files - Sky Blue

I'm back again with my series color files! For those who haven't read my first post, Color Files is a monthly series where I share a color that I have been loving along with some products that are perfect in it. I definitely have been into many pink colors lately, but blue is definitely the winner. I definitely see a lot of blue at work with some of the new J.Crew releases lately. But with 4th of July last week, blue has been in a ton of color pallets!

Monday, July 10, 2017

101 in 1001 - Version 2

Y'all, I can't even begin to believe that I completed my last 101 in 1001. My old one I started back at the very beginning of my high school career and now it's finished! Time flies so fast when having so much fun. But as completing the list wise, I did pretty well in my opinion! I definitely wasn't able to complete any of the trips I wanted too, but I definitely go to cross off a lot of little things! 

With starting my first year of college in less then a month (What?! I know right?), I thought it would only be appropriate to share my new one! I did add some of the things I wasn't able to complete before, and along with some new one s. My favorite one that I want to do immediately is to visit Washington D.C in the spring! I have a lot of family out there along with my best friend going to school there equals the perfect excuse to visit! I'm hoping to share most of the things I cross of this list with corresponding blog posts. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in!

Via* Design Darling

Want to see my 1st list? Click the link here and scroll down to read! 

{Start Date - July 10th, 2017}

{End Date - April 6th, 2020}

| Personal |
1. Go a month with out soda.
2. Learn how to do your makeup properly. 
3. Make a Spotify Playlist for every month.
4. Buy a new computer all on my own. 
5. Do two whole months of Headspace/meditation
6. Complete a Bible Study.
7. Get my left and middle splits.
8. Run a 5K.
9. Learn how to ice skate.
10. Take a cooking class.
11. Reach 350 Barre Classes.
12. Perfect blow drying my hair.
13. Try oysters. (I know...)
14. Reach my savings goals for three years straight.
15. Read 20 new books. 
16. Watch all Harry Potter movies.
17. Unplug for a weekend.

| Professional |

1. Do a month of a post every day.
2. Attend a blogging conference.
3. Get business cards.
4. Take a Calligraphy class.
5. Trunk show.
6. Have zero inbox for two whole months.
7. Reach 10,000 Instagram followers.
8. Have an article published for a magazine or online platform.
9. Work with three new photographers.
10. Organize all photos. (Both Blog & Personal)
11. Learn and perfect my work on Photoshop & Lightroom.
12. Go to a blogger meetup/event.
13. Donate to charity.
14. Transfer blog to Wordpress.
15. Reach 1,500 Twitter Followers.
16. Grow on Tumblr.
17. Create an emergency account.

| Family & Friends |

1. Family Portrait.
2. Spa day with a family member.
3. Spend time in Phoenix with my nephew.
4. Have my little cousins spend the week with my in California.
5. Surprise my family for a visit.
6. Reunion with hometown friends.
7. Visit family in Delaware.
8. Give 6 just because gifts.
9. Master Creole.
10. Learn more Spanish.
11. Take a road trip with friends.
12. Create a family tree.
13. Vacation with Mom and I.
14. Send flowers to four family members randomly.
15. Visit Mexico and meet more of my family.

| Charleston |

1. Rush!
2. Visit my cousin in High Point.
3. Get straight A's a semester.
4. Try at least 15 new restaurants.
5. Visit Hilton Head.
6. Try Rowing.
7. CandleFish class!
8. Staycation.
9. Bike by the water.
10. Try a dance class.
11. Go to 5 sport games.
12. Attend a Polo match.
13. Do research within college.
14. Create a Charleston city guide.

| Los Angeles |

1. Go to a Santa Monica summer beach concert.
2. The Broad.
3. Visit my high school again.
4. Hike the Hollywood sign.
5. Try 30 new restaurants.
6. Ice Skating at LA Live.
7. Duff's Cake Mix.
8. Explore Calabasas and Los Feliz.
9. LA Flower Market.
10. Staycation.
11. Disneyland in Christmas time.
12. Attend a midnight showing of a movie.
13. Explore Malibu.
14. Create a LA Guide.

| For Fun |

1. Try standup paddle boarding.
2. Watch a sunrise. 
3. Try Barry's Bootcamp.
4. Get a Mexican Passport.
5. Get a Haitian Passport.
6. Go golfing.
7. Take a pilates class.
8. Try Ariel arts.
9. Attempt at a Soul Cycle Survivor class.
10. Go rock climbing.

| Traveling |

1. Go back to Haiti.
2. Visit Santa Barbara for the weekend.
3. Four corners.
4. Go to Washington D.C in the Spring.
5. Explore Phoenix.
6. Visit San Francisco.
7. Carnival in Haiti.
8. Nantucket.
9. Visit three of my friends in college.
10. Take a trip with my two cousins.
11. Martha's Vineyard.
12. Travel to five new states.
13. Visit Atlanta, Georgia.
14. Visit North Carolina.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Recent Purchases

I have been picking up many different things lately and I have been wanting to share! Like I’ve said before, this summer with the big changes ahead - I really wanted to grab more items that I’ve never tried or things that I have always heard of. This summer I wanted to specifically pick up more hair, skincare and beauty items but throughout the search for them, I have been leaning more towards fashion and even app’s! 

J.Crew Pants - At work, I had been eyeing these for a while but always thought they would look weird on me. I know they got mixed reviews and I had heard that the sizing was a bit off. On one of my breaks, I ended up grabbing a pair just for fun and bought them instantly. They are super comfy and are perfect for any occasion. I’m hoping to wear these on my upcoming flight since they are super lightweight and easy going. I bought them in the Chambray but I’m really eyeing those moss green ones…

A Study in Charlotte Book - Definitely the perfect summer read! It’s such a good story and definitely easy to get hooked. I’m super close to finishing and I’m hoping to pick up the rest in the series! (Plus they're at Target!)

DryBar Travel Blowdryer - I’ve been eyeing this since the minute I went to my first DryBar appointment. I love the compactness of this tool and how it’s still as powerful as the big one. I splurged one day on it and haven’t regretted it one bit. I’ve been making an effort to do 

Glossier Face Mask - The holy grail of skin care for me this summer. I used to do this face mask maybe once a week just because of how moisturizing it was. One week I decided to amp it up with twice and now my skin is better than ever. It doesn’t leave you to face greasy or gross after but leaves you absolutely refreshed. Plus if you do this at night, in the morning

Pipsqueak Markers - I’m back on my planning kick, but now it’s with markers. I wasn’t feeling the colors in the regular crayons pack and ended up finding these adorable little markers. The colors are so vivid and I am obsessed with doodling in my planner in them!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - When it comes to lip products, I literally know nothing. And when it comes to lip balms - I usually gravitate towards the Chapstick brand ones at the end of checkout at the market. A couple of weeks ago in Abbott Kinney, I stopped by the Pixi store and fell in love with this lip balm. I got the nude color and the clear color and I’m putting them on constantly. They are so moisturizing and smell amazing!

Headspace App - Best for last. I have heard so much about this app before and truthfully I thought that mediation was something I would never do. I felt as if I never had patience for it, but one day I decided to try it. I did on of the 10 minute sessions and was a little bit more relaxed, so I decided to try it the next day and soon got hooked. Jump forward to my 13th day, I already bought the year pack! They have such great mini-series and things to work on that it’s perfect for any sort of situation.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

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