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Monday, July 10, 2017

101 in 1001 - Version 2

Y'all, I can't even begin to believe that I completed my last 101 in 1001. My old one I started back at the very beginning of my high school career and now it's finished! Time flies so fast when having so much fun. But as completing the list wise, I did pretty well in my opinion! I definitely wasn't able to complete any of the trips I wanted too, but I definitely go to cross off a lot of little things! 

With starting my first year of college in less then a month (What?! I know right?), I thought it would only be appropriate to share my new one! I did add some of the things I wasn't able to complete before, and along with some new one s. My favorite one that I want to do immediately is to visit Washington D.C in the spring! I have a lot of family out there along with my best friend going to school there equals the perfect excuse to visit! I'm hoping to share most of the things I cross of this list with corresponding blog posts. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in!

Via* Design Darling

Want to see my 1st list? Click the link here and scroll down to read! 

{Start Date - July 10th, 2017}

{End Date - April 6th, 2020}

| Personal |
1. Go a month with out soda.
2. Learn how to do your makeup properly. 
3. Make a Spotify Playlist for every month.
4. Buy a new computer all on my own. 
5. Do two whole months of Headspace/meditation
6. Complete a Bible Study.
7. Get my left and middle splits.
8. Run a 5K.
9. Learn how to ice skate.
10. Take a cooking class.
11. Reach 350 Barre Classes.
12. Perfect blow drying my hair.
13. Try oysters. (I know...)
14. Reach my savings goals for three years straight.
15. Read 20 new books. 
16. Watch all Harry Potter movies.
17. Unplug for a weekend.

| Professional |

1. Do a month of a post every day.
2. Attend a blogging conference.
3. Get business cards.
4. Take a Calligraphy class.
5. Trunk show.
6. Have zero inbox for two whole months.
7. Reach 10,000 Instagram followers.
8. Have an article published for a magazine or online platform.
9. Work with three new photographers.
10. Organize all photos. (Both Blog & Personal)
11. Learn and perfect my work on Photoshop & Lightroom.
12. Go to a blogger meetup/event.
13. Donate to charity.
14. Transfer blog to Wordpress.
15. Reach 1,500 Twitter Followers.
16. Grow on Tumblr.
17. Create an emergency account.

| Family & Friends |

1. Family Portrait.
2. Spa day with a family member.
3. Spend time in Phoenix with my nephew.
4. Have my little cousins spend the week with my in California.
5. Surprise my family for a visit.
6. Reunion with hometown friends.
7. Visit family in Delaware.
8. Give 6 just because gifts.
9. Master Creole.
10. Learn more Spanish.
11. Take a road trip with friends.
12. Create a family tree.
13. Vacation with Mom and I.
14. Send flowers to four family members randomly.
15. Visit Mexico and meet more of my family.

| Charleston |

1. Rush!
2. Visit my cousin in High Point.
3. Get straight A's a semester.
4. Try at least 15 new restaurants.
5. Visit Hilton Head.
6. Try Rowing.
7. CandleFish class!
8. Staycation.
9. Bike by the water.
10. Try a dance class.
11. Go to 5 sport games.
12. Attend a Polo match.
13. Do research within college.
14. Create a Charleston city guide.

| Los Angeles |

1. Go to a Santa Monica summer beach concert.
2. The Broad.
3. Visit my high school again.
4. Hike the Hollywood sign.
5. Try 30 new restaurants.
6. Ice Skating at LA Live.
7. Duff's Cake Mix.
8. Explore Calabasas and Los Feliz.
9. LA Flower Market.
10. Staycation.
11. Disneyland in Christmas time.
12. Attend a midnight showing of a movie.
13. Explore Malibu.
14. Create a LA Guide.

| For Fun |

1. Try standup paddle boarding.
2. Watch a sunrise. 
3. Try Barry's Bootcamp.
4. Get a Mexican Passport.
5. Get a Haitian Passport.
6. Go golfing.
7. Take a pilates class.
8. Try Ariel arts.
9. Attempt at a Soul Cycle Survivor class.
10. Go rock climbing.

| Traveling |

1. Go back to Haiti.
2. Visit Santa Barbara for the weekend.
3. Four corners.
4. Go to Washington D.C in the Spring.
5. Explore Phoenix.
6. Visit San Francisco.
7. Carnival in Haiti.
8. Nantucket.
9. Visit three of my friends in college.
10. Take a trip with my two cousins.
11. Martha's Vineyard.
12. Travel to five new states.
13. Visit Atlanta, Georgia.
14. Visit North Carolina.

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