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Friday, July 14, 2017

Charleston Packing List

I can't wait for this weekend to begin! I'm finally heading out to visit Charleston for the first time for Orientation on Sunday and I am super excited. I have been dreaming of visiting my school and the town for quite a while and it's becoming so real now! I'm technically only going to be there for three days, but thats plenty of time to explore the area! I'm going to be doing an itinerary for when I get back so be sure to check that out next week. But as for what I'm planning on doing, it's exploring! I already ave a long list of all of the places that I have been wanting to check out there, so I'm hopping I can cross off some! I'm going to be traveling along to Charleston and then meeting up with my roommate for that day. Then orientation is Monday & Tuesday which takes up most of our days, but in the afternoon, my Mom and I are hopping to squeeze in some exploring!

As for packing goes, I'm trying to keep everything like and easy. I'm trying my absolute hardest not to over pack and to stick to what I'm bringing while I'm there. I'm super into jeans and a cute tee right now along with some sandals, so two of my outfits are already that! The weather is going to be pretty warm with a slight change of rain, so I just brought mostly the necessities.

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