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Thursday, July 13, 2017

College Advice - Tips from Blogger Gal Pal's

Hey everyone! I come to you today with a very excited post that I've been working on for a while now. With me going into my first year of college in a month or so, I started to get very anxious of what to expect. I have been asking everyone I know about what to expect and tips they had. Some of them are even my blogger friends and I thought what better way then to share! All of these girls are past their Freshman year and some out of college and were so sweet enough to give us a few tips on what they think was important!

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Karen from | Don't be afraid to join clubs that in areas you're interested in - and go weekly. It can be really terrifying walking into a room full of strangers and committing to go every week, but if you love the cause, going weekly will allow you to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others, so always give a club at least 2-3 weeks if you love what they're doing. I joined a politics club and some of my closest friends from college, I met through that very same club.

Roshni from The Kenyan Nomad | A major change I made in the last few months is to treat savings as  an expense and to make this expense as soon as I have any money coming in. A lot of the time, we may transfer money to savings, but in our minds, we still 'have that money', and so tend to overspend, thinking that savings will cover our expenditures. Savings should be something that are put away and not touched, unless they're being used for a specific goal, like retirement, education, or travel. If you think of savings as an expense, and teach yourself to put money away as soon as you get paid, you'll be able to save quite a lot in no time.

Emily from No Repeats or Hesitations | Don't be afraid to change your major. You might have been wedded to a certain fantasy about majoring in x, but if it doesn't  end up bonding well, it's best not to totally freak out. There are so many different majors out there and everything works out in the end, I promise!

Cecilia from Cecilia | It is so easy to neglect your mental well-being, especially now that you are on your own. Just take advantage of your school's counseling center, and schedule appointments with a therapist or counselor to just talk to them. Mental Health is important but often neglected.

Natalie from The Boston Day Book | I remember my first day as an incoming freshman like it was yesterday. It was so scary to leave home and all that you know and head into the unknown ... but there's also remarkable opportunity into that vulnerability. Be open to the new experiences, the new people (you will meet so many!), and all the life lessons that will come at you along the way. It's going to be such an eye opening experience, and I promise that you'll grow more than you ever deemed possible. And remember to have fun!

Emily from Love Emmarie | TREAT YO SELF - that's right. Take a tip from Tom Haveford (cue parks & rec reference) and treat yourself. I'm not going to give you a certain amount you should study before taking a break because it's different for everyone. Listen to your body. You'll know when you need a break... and I mean a real break (not a "Okay I did 10 flashcards" or "I studied for 30 minutes" break).

Elizabeth from Hey It's Eliz | Leave high school behind. Seriously, no one wants to hear your stories about how you went to the coolest parties in your town or how popular you were. Also, no one is going to judge you if you were a little weird or if you never went out. Once you get to college, people start caring and are a lot more accepting of differences. You'll become friends with people you thought "high school you" would never be friends with and honestly, those are the best types of friends.

Christina from Cuddlepill | My one regret is that I never studied abroad in college. It was easy for me to come up with a million excuses not to go - it would have put me behind in my classes, I didn't have the money at the time, I was afraid to go to another country on my own. I would trade anything to go back and life abroad for a semester. Once you get to the real world, you have a limited number of days you can travel... even though you may have the $$ to do it. Believe me, if you want to go, you can make it work financially. Don't let that hold you back.

And that's all we got folks! I can't thank these amazing ladies for all of their amazing advice and I hope it helps all of the incoming and current college students. Let me know in the comments if you have any more tips or questions!

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