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Friday, July 7, 2017

Recent Purchases

I have been picking up many different things lately and I have been wanting to share! Like I’ve said before, this summer with the big changes ahead - I really wanted to grab more items that I’ve never tried or things that I have always heard of. This summer I wanted to specifically pick up more hair, skincare and beauty items but throughout the search for them, I have been leaning more towards fashion and even app’s! 

J.Crew Pants - At work, I had been eyeing these for a while but always thought they would look weird on me. I know they got mixed reviews and I had heard that the sizing was a bit off. On one of my breaks, I ended up grabbing a pair just for fun and bought them instantly. They are super comfy and are perfect for any occasion. I’m hoping to wear these on my upcoming flight since they are super lightweight and easy going. I bought them in the Chambray but I’m really eyeing those moss green ones…

A Study in Charlotte Book - Definitely the perfect summer read! It’s such a good story and definitely easy to get hooked. I’m super close to finishing and I’m hoping to pick up the rest in the series! (Plus they're at Target!)

DryBar Travel Blowdryer - I’ve been eyeing this since the minute I went to my first DryBar appointment. I love the compactness of this tool and how it’s still as powerful as the big one. I splurged one day on it and haven’t regretted it one bit. I’ve been making an effort to do 

Glossier Face Mask - The holy grail of skin care for me this summer. I used to do this face mask maybe once a week just because of how moisturizing it was. One week I decided to amp it up with twice and now my skin is better than ever. It doesn’t leave you to face greasy or gross after but leaves you absolutely refreshed. Plus if you do this at night, in the morning

Pipsqueak Markers - I’m back on my planning kick, but now it’s with markers. I wasn’t feeling the colors in the regular crayons pack and ended up finding these adorable little markers. The colors are so vivid and I am obsessed with doodling in my planner in them!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - When it comes to lip products, I literally know nothing. And when it comes to lip balms - I usually gravitate towards the Chapstick brand ones at the end of checkout at the market. A couple of weeks ago in Abbott Kinney, I stopped by the Pixi store and fell in love with this lip balm. I got the nude color and the clear color and I’m putting them on constantly. They are so moisturizing and smell amazing!

Headspace App - Best for last. I have heard so much about this app before and truthfully I thought that mediation was something I would never do. I felt as if I never had patience for it, but one day I decided to try it. I did on of the 10 minute sessions and was a little bit more relaxed, so I decided to try it the next day and soon got hooked. Jump forward to my 13th day, I already bought the year pack! They have such great mini-series and things to work on that it’s perfect for any sort of situation.

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