Monday, July 31, 2017

San Fran Snaps

This past weekend was amazing! I have never been to San Francisco so this was quite an interesting and fun time. My aunt knew I had never been so this has been a vacation plan for a while now. We finally decided on a time and brought a long a few family members for the ride.

We drove the 7-hour trip and it was a great time! We made a few pit stops in Santa Clara and Santa Barbra before making the long haul up the state. As for sleeping wise, we stayed at an Air B&B in Alameda which is the cutest city. It's a little island off of Oakland that has the most charming houses and little town. It was not too far from San Fran and from anywhere which was a major plus. That's pretty much for the background, but now onto the pictures!

Santa Barbara

This place I can't get enough of. The city is stunning with the architecture and history that it's too much to see. We only stopped for about two hours but I tried to remember the things I saw when I was little. We ate at Eureka! which was this great healthy burger place in the main plaza. It was so tasty and had by far the best sweet potato fries the whole trip!

Lombard Street

I am a really big city girl, so when it came to beautiful homes in a city with a killer view - I'm in. Lombard Street is so fun to see yet at the same time intriguing. We got stuck in traffic within in it so we really got to see all of the houses up close. Definitely a must in San Fran!

Golden Gate Bridge

STUNNING! Even with the fog, we got to see such an amazing view of it! We first went down below near a children's museum, but later we tried one more time up top! Near sunset time it started to clear up and the view was impeccable.

Palace of Fine Arts
Just when this city couldn't get any better it did. I am a sucker for beautiful architecture and this was such a stunning building we couldn't pass. With the quiet little lake near it, it made for the most peaceful afternoon stroll after the Golden Gate. Not to mention that the homes around it at #Goals. 

Napa Valley
Our last stop, Napa Valley! This little area up north is such an amazing and charming place. We stopped at only two winery's - Berringer & Inglenook. Both had such breathtaking views and grounds that we couldn't pass. I personally would say that Inglenook was my favorite (the last couple of pictures). The grounds reminded me so much of France that I hardly could believe we were still in California! For lunch my aunt had us go to her favorite restaurant - Grotts! This is a must do in Napa. The lines might be a bit intimidating but it is so delicious (and healthy!)

That's all folks! I had such an amazing trip and I honestly can't wait to go back! Let me know if you have recommendations of favorites things for San Fran!

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