Monday, July 24, 2017

Whats in my Summer Bag

It has been one hectic summer for me! With balencing two jobs, meeting up with friends, Internship with Function of Beauty, and soaking up my last few weeks in California - it's been a lot to say the least. I definitely find my self overbooking my days with so many things since I have so little of time. Most of the times I have to pre-pack everything the day before just so I am ready. I don't have a car and mostly take Lyfts from place to place, which basically means that if I ever need to bring anything - I'm carrying it for the rest of the day. Thus why I needed a purse that would be big and functional for everything. I opt usually for my classic Longchamp Large Le Pliage tote bag. I know a lot of people have them, but they are amazing! The bag holds so much and is super easy to match with outfits. 

I carry way too much with me everyday, but I wanted to share with y'all my essentials for everyday! If you have any recommendations please let me know! 

Cuyana Wallet | This wallet is my newest obsession! I went for the blush pink color and I can't get enough of it along with my gold monogram. The size is perfect and fits in any purse that I have. Not to mention it only has four card slots so I only carry my super important cards with me and keep the rest in this little pouch.

Bar Method Socks | I've been working out so much lately and usually I'm in so much of a rush to my classes I always forget to pack something. Bar Method is my favorite workout so I always try to keep another pair of socks with me at all times just in case.

Grab Bag | I keep some mini emergency items in a Glossier bubble wrap bag. Everything in it are things that I use on the daily. I have a insane amount of hair ties, gum, pens and pencil, hand sanitizer, a few gift cards, and some back up jewelry. I also have a spare computer charging cable, Apple Watch cable and iPhone charger.

Water Bottle | One of my mini goals for the summer was to drink more water like I used too. I recently got a new S'Well bottle and it's so cute! The periwinkle color is perfect for the summer and adding a pop of color.

Drybar Hairbrush | When I workout in the morning, I usually take showers at Bar Method since I might have work or something later on. I only ever brush my hair when it's wet, so it's crucial that I have one on hand with me!

Glossier Sunscreen | This stuff is amazing and makes a big difference with your day to day skincare. I got it about a two weeks ago and have been applying it every morning. I take skin care very seriously and stick to my regimen, but love how it makes my skin less dry and protected for the summer sun!

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