Monday, August 28, 2017

I'm Back!

Hey, everyone! I'm finally able to have time to sit down and blog again (insert happy dance!!). I'm finally settled in and loving life here at College of Charleston! These past two weeks here have been quite interesting, to say the least, but still going really well. Since I haven't blogged since I was in California last, I'll give you guys a mini update of what I've been up to!

Back track to August 11th, I said bye to all of my friends, family, and co-workers back in LA. It was actually really hard to say bye to everyone since it didn't really feel real yet. I keep on referring to it as I'm going away on vacation and just trying to explore a new city! This is what I'm telling my self since I'm trying to refrain myself from getting homesick this early in the year. I definitely had those moments though within the first week when my roommate was at a leadership camp. I didn't really cry necessarily but I definitely realized that I was now on my own. I definitely have been trying to keep myself positive and busy to avoid getting those homesick blues, but I know eventually it will happen. I am however have been keeping my self to look forward to the things to come and see my family! My cousin is visiting me in the middle of October and I cannot wait to show her around the city! And as for Thanksgiving, I'm going to be leaving school a week early due to a family event and has been getting me really excited to see them.

As for classes, they have been really good so far! All of my teachers seem really nice and interactive and have some really fun things planned. I would say that my favorite class so far is my Women's and Gender Studies class that is a Freshman year experience course that is combined with Psychology. The two teachers are practically best friends so it's really interesting to hear what they have to say and have it tie in all together. 

Dorm life has been treating me pretty good so far! I'm trying to keep it as clean and tidy as I can which has been surprisingly keeping me focused when I work. I do have some finishing touches to add to my room, but the minute I am done with it, I will most definitely share it with y'all!

That's all I have to share with y'all! I'm going to be posting at least two to three times a week during college, so keep your eyes posted! My next blog post will be a reader survey so I can get a better sense of what you guys like to read so please make sure to let me know!

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