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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Back to School Backpack Pick - Madeline & Company

     Preparing for college lately has been kinda hard yet super fun. It kinda becomes difficult in the sense of trying to organize all of the big changes from living with your parents and everything is taken care of, to do it all on your own. These past few weeks since I went to orientation and I’ve created my main personal and school goals that I want to accomplish within this fall semester. As I’m doing that, I have been trying to rally up all of the items that I might possibly ever need when it comes to school so I can focus more better. My biggest thing - backpack.

      I was that super annoying kid in elementary and middle school that would constantly switch out their folders, notebooks, and even backpacks for something new and better. It was almost in a way of a form of OCD where I would constantly want it clean and better than before. Through out those times I was trying to find out myself and what I liked, and when it came to backpacks, I never could do that. Purchasing a backpack used to be so different for me when I was young since I didn't like what was out there. When I heard about Madeline & Company the summer going into my Junior Year, I was obsessed. Madeline had the exact same problem when trying to find a backpack she liked instead of all of the generic ones that everyone had. Back then she created her original backpack and I had to purchase it! I've used that backpack for the longest time now and I can't wait to use it when going college. She recently came out with the slim backpack and I literally couldn't be more in love with it! Both are such great buys for the school year that I truly vouch for them.

     On Instagram when I post about Madeline & Company backpacks, I usually get the same questions regarding certain things of them. I decided to create this post on the main things I get asked about and all chatting on what about it I love. If you're curious what colors I have in both styles, I have this classic and this slim backpack.

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Is it easy to use in everyday life? Or just for school? - The style of both the classic and slim backpacks are so easy to pair with school and functionality. I use both of my bags for workouts, traveling, photo shoots, and of course school.

How well does it match with your outfits? - The colors that are on the bags really go well with my everyday style. I wear pretty basic clothing and nothing extravagant to class so this makes it perfect when pairing with outfits.

Is it durable? - These bags hold A LOT! My classic backpack was 90% of the time filled to the brim since I didn't have a locker my junior and senior year of high school. My backpack had everything I might have possibly needed and still wasn't too heavy weight wise. I will say that my only regret with getting the classic was that since I got the white, It got very very dirty quickly. I make it a ritual that every summer I get it cleaned at the dry-cleaners just to spruce it up. As for the new slim backpack, it's made with even better material.

Which size should I get? - My most asked question and toughest to pick. I personally started off with the classic which fit my life perfectly with school and traveling. But towards the end of senior year, I noticed that my bag started to get less and less empty of items, making it a little silly to be carrying around such a big bag. When Madeline came out with the slim backpack, I was so excited. I know that in college I won't be needing and massive bags since I can go back to my dorm, but I still needed something with the same organization as the Classic.

If you're interested in purchasing a Madeline & Company backpack, use coupon code "SimplySophia" for 15% off your purchase!

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