Thursday, September 21, 2017

College So Far

 Where do I even begin! I’ve already been in college for almost month now (what??!!) and it definitely hasn’t hit me still that I’m here. I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends from home about how they were feeling about it too, and we all still can’t believe that we made it. Back in high school, college was all you hyped up about since it was what we were working towards. And now that I’m finally here, I can’t process that I’m doing it! So far within the past month, it’s been really great and I can’t complain. I defiantly have been working to find a balance for everything (thus why I dropped the ball earlier on blogging) but everything is starting to 

The city:
    Charleston is utterly amazing. There is so much to do, see, and explore constantly. We have been trying to explore lots of restaurants right now along with the neighborhoods. With the hurricane and having to evacuate, I was able to see some more of South Carolina! I went to my roommates home of Clemson which was super cool to see!

Classes & Workload:
    School work is pretty good and honestly is something I’m used to now. College is most definitely more intense than high school, but something you need to find your groove in. I have been trying to get into a system of after all of my morning classes I go to the library within the time in-between others. This helps a lot because I’m already in the working mood and really gets me to do a lot of stuff. 

    This is still something I’m adjusting to, but also pretty normal. It’s only the first month of school, and I’m just really trying out different groups and people I meet. This is really good within the different classes I’m taking and getting a chance to meet people. In my Women's and Gender Studies class, it’s all girls and we actually bond really well together and try to meet outside of the classroom.

Missing Home:
    Homesickness is definitely real, but I try my hardest to not let it consume me. It’s very easy for me to start thinking about home and everything California has and it can end up in a spiral from there. But I will say that I’m pretty lucky to be so busy and involved with my studies that I usually don’t get homesick. I’m planning on doing a whole post about it soon on the blog, so be on the lookout!

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